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    Are our borders so porous that intrusions by China continue unchecked?

    A few months ago it seems Chinese soldiers supposedly entered our territory in the State of Uttarakhand, that too very coolly on horseback. The actual report came out much later. Were they tourists or coming for a picnic that they were roaming around unchecked?! Deployment of Chinese troops along our borders has increased alarmingly and apparently, they have even set up watchtowers.

    Are our borders that porous that such intrusions are a walk in the park literally for the Chinese troops? Are they playing deliberate games, making darts in and out checking out how much security there is actually in place or the lack thereof? Are they taking advantage of lax security and our priority to things like the vaccine, tax raids, drug busts, etc?
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    So much things are happening around the borders abetting China and what the apprehensions expressed by the author hold true that intrusions from the dragon country goes unchecked and non-protested. We have strong BSF guarding our nation across the east and how come China PLA made intrusions that easily. What I feel that China deliberately poking India to take action on the one pretext or the other and indulge into war as India was the first country to take drastic step against China banning apps and not allowing Chinese goods sold in India. Today the economy of China is precarious and that is the reason it inked pact with Bhutan for having tow on India at the border and also market their products in Himalayan country. BSF needs to be more alert and we cannot remain silent and give retaliation immediately.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Definitely, such incidents will make us conclude that there are many lapses in the border security system. We feel that the security forces are alert and they are on guard. But these types of incidents will bring our confidence level down very much.
    I think the government is also thinking about these problems seriously. It is reported that the government is planning to strengthen the security further by increasing the sensor's capacity and introduce the Long Range Reconnaissance and Observation System (Lorros).
    The sensor system that is existing as of now can sense human beings from a distance of 15 Km and vehicles from a distance of 24 Km. Now with the new system, the respective distances are increased to 20nKm and 40 Km respectively. This system will be working both day and night 24 X 7. Hope there may be some improvement now.

    always confident

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