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    Catching a running train is a difficult task.

    When a train arrives at the station, passengers are expected to arrive on time, some people still wait for the last minute and board as the train starts. It is advised that never try to catch a running train because doing so increases the risk of an accident. The same rule applies to other aspects of our lives as well, be it studies, careers or relationships. Here opportunity can be seen as a train, if you want to take advantage of the opportunity, then identify it on time, we should not try to board any such train of opportunity which has gone far beyond the starting point. Just as train after another has definitely arrived, in the same way, if you miss any opportunity, do not panic, soon another opportunity will also appear, but this time, do not repeat the previous mistake, be on time and careful.
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    Most of the people do not spare their time to reach railway station before time. Though the know that no one can stop the train from its moving in time. Reaching the station on time and running behind the moving train is usual for some people. They do not realize the danger involved in this.
    Many time my relative reach the station while the train moving but never realized his mistake and always calculatively proceeding to railway station from house.

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    That's why you need to reach the platform before the arrival of the train. Even if you reach the station early you need to follow the announcement and look at the displays from time to time to know the exact platform. Changing the platform according to the schedule of the train is essential otherwise, you may have to run if it's late. As mentioned in the post, we need to look for opportunities and take action on time so that we can avail them. Nobody is sure about the next opportunity so utilising every opportunity in time is always important.

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    I do not agree with the comparison by the author. Catching a moving train is something different than missing an opportunity. If we try to catch a moving train, we may fall and injure ourselves lightly or severely and pay for it. Whereas if we miss an opportunity, we don't get hurt in any way. What we lose is the time, and only time delays to get another opportunity.
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    After reading this post my thoughts went to a video which was shared to me shows that a group of faith starts offering Namaz at a railway station when the train stopped. As the prayer was just started, the train was moving. Suddenly one after other discontinued the Namaz and started boarding the running train. But some would not budge and keep the prayers going and when the train picked the speed fast, they tried to board and eventually had the fall. Here we cannot blame the train as it is the intermediary station and there is no timing followed and the passengers not knowing this has induced others to offer prayers and thus many left behind without boarding. Of course the train would have stopped and that is not shown in the video as lots of passengers were on the platform. So catching a train when it was moving is very dangerous idea.
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    Whenever we are going to undertake a study or exam or interview or anything of that nature then it is always better to prepare for it well in advance so that there will not be any eleventh hour rush in our lives. Many people have a habit of delaying things till they cannot be ignored. This habit creates a big difficulty in their lives time to time and they lose many opportunities in that dilemma. The author has given a good example of boarding a running train at the last minute. It is definitely not advisable. Why we should take risk in our lives like that when we have sufficient time in hand to prepare for any project and start it in time. A good homework done in advance and the timely entry into any competition or project is the main mantra for success in this world and wise and intelligent people are already taking advantage of this fact.
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    The moral of the story is to be punctual. Be in time for any issue. For example, you want to apply for a job online. Never wait till the last minute. Read the notification, understand the whole issue properly and get all the documents ready and then apply. If there is any problem there will not be any last time hurry.
    I remember on ISC for a contest some members submitted their post just at the stroke of the last minute but due to some reasons there was a delay in submission by 2 or 3 minutes and their submissions were not considered by the jury for the award. The last-minute rush made them miss the train.
    I have seen many people wait for the last minute and getting into some or the other problems in many of their attempts. So we should plan and see that we will be always on time. Please remember that a train missed means you missed it for your lifetime.

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    For the sake of your life and body fitness please do not try to catch a running train. That can be very costly to yo. It may be fatal or may cause very serious injuries. For the sake of oneself and one's beloved family members neve ever take that risk.

    During the seventies when I was in Bengaluru, there us to be road signs asking people not to overspeed. One of them which I still remember is " It is better to be known as" Mr. Late" rather than ," Late Mr..".

    But in other things where the risk involved is not that of life or body, one can take risks assessing the risk at the worst.
    However it is ideal to be well planned and prepared for anything and to avoid last minute attempts. But very rarely , last minute efforts may give favorable results; but that is exception and not rule.

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    The author has compared boarding a running train to catching an opportunity concerning career or job or admission or any course or meeting any prominent personality or clicking any vital occasion or talent show etc. Every moment in life is extremely important. Bygone is bygone, once the time or an opportunity is missed, it never returns. However, some other opportunity of the same field may come in hand to click though but the former one is missed forever.
    Every aspirant who seeks for any opportunity for making his life more beautiful, requires to be alert and agile.
    Literally, train can't be compared to any opportunity though but the author has soared her assumption and thinking about such topics, therefore, I appreciate her for the same.

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