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    Do you like darkness or bright light?

    Maybe in a natural way you can think of the darkness or light of life here. This is a very strange question, which one would like more between darkness and light because probably most people like light only. No one wants his life to be dark. But what I mean by the light here is a high voltage light or dim light which is almost like darkness. With the onset of evening, we first turn on the lights of the worship room, balcony, and then other rooms in our homes, so that there is light all around. But some people don't like too much light and they find themselves comfortable in a room in the light of even a night-lamp and bright light bothers them. Some cases have also been seen in which there may be some medical reason for it, but some people do this habitually. I like more light in my room and I try to do the same for other rooms of the house. Are you also a light-loving person or is the dim light of the lamp more pleasant for you?
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    Well, in that case, it would be better to change the word darkness in the title of the thread and put dim light in place of it. I feel the amount of light depends on your mood. If you are reading something or engaged in a work that requires minute attention then a brightly lit room will be preferred. On the other hand, if you are relaxing then you will make the light dim. For example, if you are listening to music with earphones/headphones then you will prefer a dimly lit room. Candlelight dinner is meant for couples as the mood is romantic where a soft glow is preferable. Now, if you are dining with a lot of friends then I am sure you will not go for something like a candlelight dinner.

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    That depends on our condition at that time. If we are sitting with a book and reading we may require good light. If we are lying down and hearing some music we may not require heavy light. Even darkness is also OK.

    Whenever we go with our family to eat out, the restaurants will be having a very dim light only, Maybe many people want to spend time with their dear ones in such an atmosphere only. This dim light you will observe in many star hotels and famous restaurants.
    My granddaughter can't sleep if there is any light in the room. So we should not put on any light in her room when she is sleeping. Some people can't sleep without a dim light in the bedroom. The choice of individuals will differ.

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    Lighting the room or the entire house depends on the need and preferences of its usage. Lights are kept on when the dark sets in and there is no need for lights in such rooms where there is no activity at all. And given the increased tariff being imposed by the power distribution companies, we are bound to act with austerity and there is no second doubt on that. But I have seen people misusing the lights and keep on even throughout the night and that is nothing but they fear the dark and want to give messages to others that they are awake even during the late-night hours or wee hours. And it is also the reason that thieves won't enter those houses which are brightly lit from inside and outside. Maybe for this reason people are ready to pay higher consumption electric bills. For me, I put on lights where there is a need.

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    The brightness of light required in a room is depending on the individual choice as well as there is a financial angle also as electricity is a costly commodity. Generally, in the reading room, it is advisable to keep bright lights so that there is no difficulty in reading and doing paperwork. At the same time in galleries, Verandah, balconies, or other places, there is no need to keep bright light always. So generally what people have is they will have at least two light points in a room so that depending on the requirement they will either use the bright light or the medium or dim one.

    If a person is having a personal liking for dim light or bright light then he will have to customise it accordingly but he should keep in mind that it should not be a disturbing factor for other members of the family.

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    Darkness is usually not pteferred by many especially when we are active. However, while sleeping, a dim light is what we are used to since our childhood days. However, in the rooms and the areas with no activities , we usually put off the lights. But personally I do not want to have any corner left in darkness. I put a dim light in all the areas not in use as well.

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    This question is really strange. The electric bulb and prior to that many many methods of producing light was invented to keep the darkness away and have light. There may be some times at which we do not like to have much light. While sleeping most people do not prefer to have a light and prefer total darkness. The necessity of light depends on the need and sometimes may be the mood.
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    Both the modes Darkness and Brightness of the light might be our choice depending upon our mood. Darkness has its own importance especially when we want to retire from activities and we think of going to bed for sound sleep. Brightness would be preferred in such cases when we are engaged for constructive activities such as reading or doing work for which we have deep passion for any assignment. Both the modes can be customised depending upon our moods. It may so happen that we are in the thoughtful mood which need feeble light to enjoy the flow of thoughts.

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