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    What this 'Great Resignation ' revolt in USA and European countries?

    Due to Covid pandemic many many countries suffered a lot including most advanced countries like USA. Because of this many countries affected economically and people lost their jobs and it made them not able to get on with their families. Recently we are seeing in news, people of USA and other European countries resigning their old jobs inorder to search for better jobs so that they can get protection from future pandemics. They are demanding more salaries and more job security. Present employers are running after these employees and are willing to increase their present salaries but they are rejecting.In India many private companies paying half the salaries because of loss of their income.
    But our people are silently working with these half salaries now. Members please give your inputs about this Great resignation revolt.
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    In India also there are many shifts in jobs by the employees in the IT sector. Many of known contacts shifted their jobs with a very good increment from one company to the other company.
    Some surveys were conducted by different agencies to understand the reasons for these resignations. Many employees cited 3 reasons mainly. The first one is the stress and burnout in their current position. They felt that they are getting exhausted more than for what they are being paid.
    The second point they mentioned is about the cost-cutting steps during slow down due to COVD 19 by their present management. They felt that these cost-cutting steps are very unfair. Those actions caused them a lot of insecurity feeling, they say.
    The third point is indiscriminate and unfair promotion policies, layoffs and stoppage increments. Many employees felt that the work turn out is more but encouragement from management is not in proportion they felt.
    Thus great resignation concept even in those countries is mainly in the IT sector only.

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    Fortunately in India except the IT sector, other industries are working well and even paying the full salaries. In IT also some companies calling back the old employees and asked to continue work in office from Nov 15th. In US where the employees are already paid good salary and asking for more for their coming back is not acceptable as the situation is not that ripe to have cushion for the companies to dole large salaries. Across the globe there has been slow down on new jobs with hiked salaries and the so called great resignation revolt is the foolish thing to join because nothing is in the hands of the parent company and the world is being roasted for the pandemic crisis and even today we are limping back to normalcy. Only some sectors are doing well and hopefully from new year 2022, everything would look good and green for all.
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    The US and other European countries are developed nations. They are small in size and mainly smaller in population. We can't compare them to our country. If a person resigns thousands of unemployed youth will be standing in queue before the company office.
    We are happy if government could make to give Rs 500/- during pandemic whereas the US government could mange to give $1200 to every person whose income was less than $99,000 as single taxpayers and $198,000 for couples and also $500 was given to every child.

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