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    How can I improve my article writing skills on ISC?

    I have written a few articles on a general topic, whatever came to my mind and tried to post them on ISC after a long time but they got rejected due to poor quality, What should I do to improve my article writing of general topics?
    Does the article have to be very formal, isn't informal language not accepted here like various blogs and content writing sites which accept simpler language and general topic articles as well?
    If you have written an article on the general topic here can you give a few suggestions and also the link of those articles?
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    Kindly go through the article written by Managing Editor Vandana and understand it. It would greatly help you to achieve your article writing ability.
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    Article writing requires a lot of hard work and persistent desire for improvement. In ISC there is a very good inventory of published articles under various categories and going through them and seeing their relative merit will definitely expose oneself to the the quality and standard of content in those articles.
    Every article will have a format starting from introduction to conclusion but that can be slightly modified or reordered depending on the type of article we are preparing.
    Next thing is content which is the soul of the article. Article should contain sufficient content and there should not be unnecessary repetition. Depending on the contents the length of articles can greatly extend but in general a length of 800 to 1200 words is accepted as a standard article size.
    Elaborate and high content articles can go even to 2500 to 3000 words.
    Grammar and spelling are definitely an area of concern and that has to be adhered to good writing practices as far as possible. Using 'Grammarly' application for correcting the document is also a good idea.

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    For ISC writing a article is not that easy to create , append it and getting approval of the same. What ISC expect is the detailed articles on any subject. If you have chosen the general subject then the article should have world wide acceptance of good heading. The heading should be followed with apt summary as to what was intended to create the article and why. Then comes the body content which should have all the basic such as why, where, who, how and when. All these five ingredients are very important and without which the article seems to be incomplete and wanting for some more additions. And finally the author need to sum up the general topic as to what is her own observation and what was the intention to raise such article for this site. Hope the author got some clues now and she can proceed further.
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    If you are interested in writing some articles here, you should improve your language skills. One should be thorough in grammar and spelling. Grammarly tool which you can download the free version here will be useful to you for correcting the mistakes.
    First of all, one should think of the subject on which he/she wants to write. Read the literature available on the subject so that you will understand the points of importance very well. Then you can make a plan for your article. What are the subheadings you want to give that can also be decided while deciding on the plan? Then make a draft. Please remember that copying from other articles is not at all allowed and your posting rights may also be suspended. Read the written information number of times so that there will not be any mistakes in your writing.
    Go through the article that is linked by the lead editor in his response and also learn how to give HTML tags in the article as required. Initially, it may take a lot of time and you have to manage time and do that.

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