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    You may not like a person or his act, but do not reflect through emotions

    In the daily life whether with the house members or outside we come across such situations wherein the very person or his acts are not agreed and we tend to show our dissent through the face expressions. Without saying anything and showing the rejection through the emotions may hurt the person deeply. Some people does not want to pick verbal dual and instead show their protest this way and that has greater impact. What are the other ways to show dissent without having verbal dual, or showing gestures through face expression?
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    No two people will think in a similar way. So always there will be the difference of opinions among the people. You may agree or may not agree with the views of the other person, but you should not make him unhappy with your words or deeds. You can explain your own feelings and also tell him why you are not liking his ideas in a very polite and decent way. That will be appreciated by all. But if your try to shout at him or say in a rough manner about your thoughts the other person may never receive it well. He will revert back in the same tone. Remember that the distance between two houses will be the same always irrespective of measuring either way. But some people think that they can talk the way they like. This is more so with the people who are in powerful positions or decision-making positions. One should always remember they should not behave in a way with others in which they never expect others to behave with him.
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