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    Sometimes it is better to keep quiet

    Most of us are in general talkative in nature and will response to the query or statements made by other people with whom we will be coming in contact or have contacts during get to together or functions. Every person has a tendency to answer irrespective of the fact that whether it was exactly fitting to the requirement of the other person or whether it was at all required. So in a group generally there will be a chain of talks, statements, responses, and sometimes discussions and even hot discussions leading to some conflicts and confrontations also. It is not surprising that many times the end result will be a futile exercise of talking and talking. In such situations sometimes it is better to keep silent and conserve one's energy for some positive and creative activity rather to waste that in an unending and inconclusive discussion. What do the members opine about this?
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    We are all living in a society. We meet many people on many occasions. There will be some small talk among the people gathered there if it is a social function. The discussions range on not-so-serious matters. Even if there is a disagreement, it is better not to extend the discussion. Maybe it is better sometimes to keep quiet, That does not mean all the time but only according to the situation.
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    Remaining in the talkative mode does help us in knowing the mood of the other man and hence if a situation warrants for such a mode, there is no harm. It even provides us entertainment with our indulgence with the various topics. To that extent, it could become a healthy options for most of us. We have seen many people talking excessively on some topics making the situation unbearable and in that situation we cannot have any alternative but to leave the place rather than remaining there contracting additional tension. Talk should not be of that order which could turn into strenuous ultimately. We should know the art of keeping silence as well if the situation demands.

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    It is wiser to listen than to have a word because you can say what you know so there is nothing new in it. But when you listen, you learn something new.
    But the thing is when you are called for talking, you have to say, as there are debates on various issues on news channels nowadays, one day if you see it, you will understand what happens there. So I think it's better to say something than to be silent. Nowadays, the better you can say, the more your reputation will grow. So say but think a little so as not to be irrelevant. But remember to be a little quieter at home in front of someone otherwise you may be in great trouble.

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    Good suggestion made by the author, when we sit in the group some discussions are triggered and even tempting us to reply. But we must always be ready to give counter reply for the remarks already made because there are shrewd people who poke for no reason to bring out best reaction from us. If the discussions were friendly and going , there is no harm. But sometimes the discussions goes to the level of heated exchanges between many and that would be more quarrelsome to many and there is no point of discussing anything in that group because each one has their own set of notions and adherence to it. So what the author said right, as we should be keeping quiet and watch the proceedings which wont end with any concrete proposals. Such discussions would be of time pass nature and it is better to keep off it.
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    in such a case, why should we waste our time in such meetings and gatherings? We will be attending many parties and seminars etc. There we will come in contact with many people. During lunch, breakfast, dinner etc, all will be moving very actively and talking with different people. The purpose of this is to get acquainted with other people and increase their network which may come into use in their future activities. If we attend such meetings and keep silent the purpose of the meeting will be lost.
    Recently I attended an interaction programme of Indo French industrial committee. The meeting lasted for 12 hours and I met many industry persons from France as well as Hyderabad. We have talked with each other and exchanged our cards. This interaction has not served any immediate purpose but some expenses from my pocket. But we hope that there will be some useful developments in the coming days.

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    Talking to a group and engaging in a discussion is very natural in social functions and get-togethers. So, even if the talk leads to nowhere we can just consider it as gossip and nothing serious. It is important to know the topic of discussion and then give inputs. Otherwise, just participating because you are a part of the group may lead to confrontation if you are not much aware of the topic. It is better to remain quiet if you feel there is a chance of confrontation. If not, then at least we should try not to argue to prove our point.

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    Though keeping quiet is quite difficult, it is preferable in many situations to be silent spectators. Talking for the sake of talking may be avoided. At the same time remaining silent when we need to talk and express our opinion or clarification or assert ourselves, then one should talk and keeping quiet may not be good for one.

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    The author is absolutely right, we should follow the policy of being quiet sometimes as per the circumstances or situations. When we give any suggestion or be a part of any discussion, definitely we have the right to keep our points or thoughts but if we found that the situation is going beyond our discussion or a discussion is converting t=into a debate then it's your choice whether you want to be a part of that debate or keeping quiet, well I will choose to be keep quite.

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