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    Why lower class talent not allowed in Instagram videos?

    We all know that Tiktok was famous for sharing the videos of anyone and that included rural mass. But after India banned the same, the people started to load videos in Instagram. But local talents are not given the place and thus people with good abilities to create wonderful videos are not given chance on the international platform. When tiktok was at its peak of popularity many Indian rural videos appeared and the acceptance of the same globally was possible and now there is no way out to cast the rural talent. Do you know any social media on the lines of tiktok or Instagram?
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    As far as I know, anyone can open their account on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media. These days we see many videos on WhatsApp also. So why the author has the feeling that some videos are not allowed on Instagram. Probably the app is not known to many people. It is not that somebody is stopping them to post their videos. My brother's son who is an 11th class student is having his own Instagram account and posts many videos there and sometimes he goes on live there. Many people in rural areas are also using this site for their requirements.
    Anyhow, for the information of the author, there are many apps similar to Tiktok. But they are not so popular and may take some more time to become popular among the people. The following are some such apps. Clash. Triller.
    Dubsmash. Byte.Funimate.Lomotif.Cheez.Vigo Video etc.

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    The talent is talent, it cannot be lower, middle or upper class. It is not quite clear why some creators are not given chance to upload their videos on Instagram. Only if there are any policy violations videos will not be allowed. Other than that there cannot be such discrimination on social platforms. If there is some kind of discrimination with any platform then it must be addressed to the concerned authorities so that everyone gets an equal chance to upload their content.

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    I do not about it, I think anyone can create an account on Instagram and upload its talent through videos or other ways. In fact, I have seen some viral videos on Instagram where the small town or lower class people are making excellent videos and even being viral. Social media is a great and large platform for talents and till now I have not seen any restriction on the basis of class or status. If it is faced by some lower-class talent then surely there must be another issue not because of the class of the account holder.

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