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    Alai Balai- the convergence to celebrate Dassara with all

    It was customary on the part of Haryana governor Bandaru Dattreya to organize a grand festival of convergence of various faiths on one platform and exchange pleasantries on the next day of Dassara and this festivity is organized every year by Dattreya every year since he was a member in BJP and this the one such occasion where we can see all leaders at one place cutting across their party ideologies and that is the reason even the Vice President Venkaiah Naidu and PM Modi praised such efforts to unite people on one platform. Do you have any such convergence in your state?
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    True. Every year we will witness this meet in Hyderabad on the next day of Vijayadasami. Bandaru Dattatreya is a veteran politician from Hyderabad and served as minister in the central government under Vajpayee and Modi also. Presently he is the Governor of Haryana. But this year this event was organized by the daughter of Dattatreya, Vijaya Lakshmi. The Telangana Governor Tamilsai Soudaryarajan inaugurated the program. Our Vice President Venkaih Naidu was the chief guest.

    Prominent personalities from all political parties and religions will attend this event every year. This event is being conducted for the last 16 years and it reflects the culture of the State of Telangana. Many folk artists from different parts of the State will attend this event and showcase their talents and attracts the attention of VIPs who attended the event.

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    It is a new info to me. But I did not get the relevance of the title to the message. So I referred the internet. The following is what I could gather from the net.

    "Dattatreya, who had conceptualized the 'Alai Balai' program, an apolitical forum to bring people from varied backgrounds on a common platform, has been organizing the event since 2005 here on the occasion of the Dussehra festival."(source )

    "Leaders cutting across party lines attend Alai-Balai programme, which is all about meeting, greeting, and eating coupled with fun frolic........The festival was started by Dattatreya two decades ago at Nizam's College, Hyderabad to spread camaraderie and brotherhood among people, wom)

    As anything can have different views and opinions, has this to say:
    "Dattanna's Alai Balai used to promote daughter's political entry?"

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    There is no politics involved as this program was done even when he was not in power previously.
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    This is an interesting piece of information provided by the author. If such functions are organised for the mutual understanding and relation building between different communities and different groups then the purpose of such functions is well understood. In that case the person who is instrumental in organising and managing these functions deserves accolades for it. At the same time it is also true that if there is any political motive or any vested interest in doing that then the whole exercise turns ugly and it will reflect badly on the performance and reputation of that particular person.
    Apparently it looks like a function for building goodwill and coexistence between the people from different different groups.

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