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    Timely advice will help us better

    We may be undertaking many activities in our daily routine. We will perform them based on the knowledge and experience we have on the subject. If necessary we will refer to books or take the advice of some seniors and experienced people. Even after making a good attempt, we may not be able to end up with the desired results.

    Some people when we approach them for suggestions may not talk. But the same people, when heard about the end results, try to comment on the way it was done and start offering suggestions saying that you might have done it this way or that way. But what is the use of it? The same people might have helped us by giving the same suggestion when we approached them.

    One should suggest their views when they are actually needed than commenting on the same afterwards. I like to know the views of other members on the same. Do you agree that timely advice will help us better?
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    Any advice that comes in time is always helpful. After completion of the task, the advice about some processes to follow during the execution is of no use. I think there are many people who like to find faults of others and then advise behave in a different way in the first place to show how important they are. Such suggestions will only be useful if the task is repeated at some other point in time otherwise, it may become a cause of annoyance to the person who carried out the task unsuccessfully. Suggestions are always given to make the process smooth and after completion of the process, any suggestion may be considered just as a comment.

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    This is true any advice would be valuable if it is giving on right time. When we need a bit of advice what simply means is that we are not able to take one decision at that moment and that is why we are looking for someone's advice. But this someone will not be anyone but our close one who actually knows us and about our life circumstances. If the front one is able to give advice at the same moment then only it will be work but if other person is also confused and advise after the situation is not the same as it was, so definitely the requirement of advice is also changed.

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    The other day my wife was making a craft paper work but with the news paper as the trial and I know that fact. After completion of the same she shared the work which came out very well, on the social media of our family members. Now the comments started pouring in, that color craft papers should have been used to be more attractive, the size of the paper cutting should be big and many more useless suggestions and comments. But when she made the real craft work paper, that was awesome and when the tuition parent came to the house to leave the child, she immediately took the crafted work and submitted in the school as the project work on behalf of her child. Soon she earned good name for submitting the project given for Dasara holidays and I felt my wife was having comments and appreciation and that is good.
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    In my opinion, we can benefit only when the timely advise works best in our situation. The person giving advise is giving from his experiences which might not work in our situation. The result may not be good.
    Then there are times when we are confused, we seek advice from the more learned, we get the advise but we take our own decision that is best for us depending on the situation. In case the advise given is not taken up, the person is hurt making the relationship worse.
    So in my opinion, time advise is good only when it suits our requirements. And requirements differ.

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    The author is very correct. Suggestions to be given to any one, if we know the topic. Though it is told that the suggestions and help should be made only on request and volunteer help or suggestion is not getting right value. But my view is helping and suggesting others should be our intention and we should not mind about the fruit and comments. We should do that in our way. Of course people tells that volunteer suggestions are not liked by many but we in our practice know the really expecting people.

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    We cannot and should not expect good advice from everyone with whom we encounter or seek for it. Only wise and intelligent people can deliver a good and timely advice to us if they are really interested in doing that. Most of the people will not give any advice and start criticizing only after the completion of the job and if it was a failure then they will say that you should have done like that or you should have done like this.
    It is imperative that we should seek advices only from the proper persons because only from them we can get something which can help us in the execution of the job or task that we are going to undertake after getting advice from them.

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