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    Rituals or customs keep on changing according to the time.

    There was a time when child marriage and the Sati system was an important evil of our country because it was spread almost all over India and people considered it appropriate. Due to the change brought by education, it was banned through the efforts of some social reformers. Even after this, marriage in the other caste or society and widow remarriage or women remarriage was also not considered right, but now many people are adopting marriage in another caste in their family, and remarriage is also quite common. When customs can also be changed according to time, then why some people still do not want to change their thinking. Those people who give importance to old customs even today, also interfere in others' life. If someone else is happy to change their thinking and practices according to the times, then the other should not have any problem.
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    It is easier for the younger generation especially the generation of today because of the kind of exposure we have and the tools to question everything which we don't like we are able to unlearn things taught to us or filled in our minds in the name of tradition, but with the older generation they were taught blind respect of elders, and to follow these tradition and they did not have any avenue like we have to speak against them and thus they are comparatively more brainwashed and have adopted old practices to such extent that it is difficult to unlearn things and accept a lot of new things, but if given time and taught new things with patience they will learn for sure. And all those things which don't change with time parish be it people, societies, culture, religion or civilisation. So ultimately change is the only constant.
    And all we need is the patience to see that change in the older brigade.

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    Rituals and customs were time tested and were strictly followed in the past and its legacy has been carried out even today. But the films and the tv serials are changing the mind sets of the people and showing such things that are against the rituals and customs. For example in a on going Tamil serial, a widow was forced to act as a mother to help a orphan boy getting married to a rich family and at the same time another person who is single even today was forced to made as father. In the melee of that acting they are forced to marry again as the circumstances forced during the course of time. Here forced marriage of a widower against her wish was shown and if this is taken as cue for future then we would be seeing such happenings in reality. Marriage and living should be purely left to the personal choice as none should force or interfere.
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    There is no rule that everybody has to change. That all depends on the thinking and the mentality of the individual. One need not force somebody not to adopt the changes. At the same one should not force others to change also. It is the decision of the individual and nobody should force him/her. If the other person is not a major his. her parents or wardens can tell them and try to educate them. Otherwise, one should not interfere.
    Sometimes when we know that somebody is doing a mistake we may give him a suggestion and tell him that he has to change his attitude. If still he will not get corrected himself we have to leave the matter to his own best judgement. These days young people are more oriented towards having an independent life and they will make their own decisions and elder people has to go with them if they want to have a conducive atmosphere in the house.

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    Right posting but my objection in this context is not changing but modifying by the elders or pundits. That too they are not modifying the rituals according to the persons as they forced to do so. I felt many times about this. If elders insist to follow the rituals and customs as per tradition, youngsters refused to follow and set aside such elders. If a pandit say strictly to adhere the rituals according to the tradition, people change him to the other pandit. The other pandit,who is money minded, accept these people views and with much money they did accordingly. Normally the yearly rituals called srardha is to be done only after 10.30 am but before 12.00 noon.
    In one of my cousin's house they asked the pundit to come before 8.30 as his wife was having some work in school. The purohit refused to do the srardha before 10.30. So, they approached some other who did the same with additional payment as he send the people specially for him. Like this the people are changing and accordingly others are exploiting.
    Anyhow it is not good to alter the rituals and customs according to time and person.

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