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    Your aim doesn't stop you from being happy.

    Every person sets a goal for life and aspires to achieve it, which we make almost every effort to make possible and so should we do. But never give yourself so much for the goal that you start restricting yourself from living life just for your goal. For example, if a person thinks that until he achieves his goal, he will not be happy and starts looking for his happiness in that one goal. Goals will always be there in our life because our aspirations, ambitions, one after the other, keep on appearing continuously. Living life is a different thing and our goal only gives us a direction. Irrespective of the direction, we have to enjoy our path and live life happily every moment. When we go towards our goal by giving importance to other aspects of life, then the happiness of success is doubled. So do not think or set your mind like that your aim is stopping you to be happy.
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    Whenever some conditions are set for happiness the happiness becomes short-lived. That's what is making people unhappy. To remain happy all the time all the conditions for remaining happy have to be removed. It is quite tough in practice. There will be ups and downs which are a part of our regular life and if our happiness depends on that then people will be happy as well as sad for a certain time. When you have set a goal you have to strive to reach the goal and for that, the focus should be on the goal without forgetting other aspects of life. If you are not enjoying what you are doing at the moment and think you will enjoy life only after reaching the goal then possibly it will be difficult for you to remain happy and joyful.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    I do agree with some aspects of the author's point of view and some not, I agree with the fact that our happiness should not be restricted by some things and we should live in present without restricting ourselves much from enjoying the moments. But I don't agree with the part of not putting a certain restriction on oneself because there is some goal in life which do require restriction. For example, if in today's Era of so many distractions of social media an IAS aspirant does not place such restrictions on self regarding screen time they are doomed, there are very few cases of a prodigy who can manage everything without restriction.
    So some goals do require restrictions but the fact is to what extent do we need that restriction or are they really required in that particular situation. Because a lot of time we place needless restrictions on ourselves in the name of precaution and restrict our own happiness. So ultimately it is the situation and seriousness of the goal that defines the level of restrictions on our happiness and lives but also our happiness shouldn't be solely depend upon these goals and we should try to enjoy life while living it at that particular moment.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    In my opinion, we should not link our happiness to achieving the goal. Everybody will be having some problems in their lives and will be working to solve them. At the same time, there may be many other things that are happening around and we have to be a part of those things also. Be doing what you have to do and be happy with whatever you have. That is the only way one has to carry on in their life. Happiness is a state of mind only. So train your mind to be happy in all conditions and go on attending your works normally.
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    Though our aim should be to achieve the goal irrespective of what comes in between and the path should be cleared from all hurdles and pave the way for the definite reach of goal. But sometimes we are not aware of bad lucks and circumstances which forces us to be out of race and for that reason we need to blame the luck and nothing else. Once a boy who attended the interview and got selected was waiting to join the company and also received the appointment letter. Unfortunately the office was flooded and needed to be kept closed. The overflow of water entered the office and drained away the records and destroyed the office. Now in that case the company cannot offer new appointment as the office itself is closed for long days. So here the luck of the boy seems to be very bad and none to blame as the good time never came back.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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