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    I want to know about my adsense revenue details

    As you are aware I have made a come back after decades and am totally unaware of the new rules and regulations due to which I had committed a serious blunder. I want one of the Editors to throw some light on the Adsense account and other new additions of ISC.
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    I cannot say anything about your Google Adsense, But can say about ISC account. ISC says "The credits on this profile(Your's) is expired due to non-activity for an extended period of time. We have closed all the accounts/liabilities and filed the tax returns accordingly. We do not have any option to recover the expired credit and rewards."
    You need to start earning fresh points and CC .

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    Dear Vandana,
    I would like you to message me as I am unable to reach you .This is regarding my AdSense account. The revenue has abruptly stops although several advertisements are flashed frequently. I am in a fix after the terrible goof up which was a shocker. I am not concerned about the revenue. I understand there are certain norms of ISC which you all are supposed to adhere to strictly. However,I am glad to start afresh once again and thank all of you for bringing me back to I SC. Do I have to register once again? . What next? I am pretty clear about ISC now.

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    Sun - Radha did not inquire about earnings through cash credits at ISC so your response is irrelevant here.

    Radha Muralidhar - for any issue, you can raise a forum thread as you have done here. Due to the feature of privacy settings that I have used, members cannot communicate with me through the messaging system.

    I checked your Adsense profile account here at ISC (you can check it out for yourself through the Dashboard page). It does mention that you have met the minimum requirements to apply for Google Adsense through ISC but also mentions 'No AdSense account found for this member'. Note that some years ago, Tony Sir had made this announcement regarding the AdSense revenue sharing program so all of us had to re-associate our accounts. Perhaps you could try that out and also check your main AdSense account. That is, check if you are able to sign in and see your account at-

    You must also get back to submitting good quality content at ISC, mainly articles since currently, it shows as 'No articles posted by the member in last 6 months'. Approved articles will then be listed automatically at your AdSense profile page at ISC

    Note that AdSense no longer brings in earnings like before, so don't have any high expectations. Try to get earnings through contributions here.

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    Thank you for your clear explanation. I will try to follow what you have mentioned.. I will continue to contribute resources with utmost efforts so that members who access the channel especially to improve their skills in English can get benefited as teach IELTS, Grammar and Communication.

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