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    Is it not sailing on two boats?

    If two boats are sailing in parallel then it may not be that difficult to keep each foot on each boat though hardly it happens in reality and that's why it is said not to sail on two boats. Doing two unrelated things at the same time cannot guarantee success in any way as the concentration is divided to keep balance but there are certain things that people do to prove they are involved in both the tasks or at least their thought process is involved in both the tasks. I am giving an example of one particular issue and I expect opinions after carefully considering various aspects associated with it.

    There are non-vegetarians everywhere though depending on the locality the concentration of that section varies. In many cases, it is found that such non-vegetarians turn vegetarians on specific days as they consider such days religiously/aesthetically significant. For example, on Thursdays or during the period they worship a God/Goddess they do not have non-vegetarian dishes anywhere. They do it because they think it is a sin to eat non-vegetarian dishes on those days while worshipping the God/Goddess. I fail to understand why it will be considered a sin on specific days and not on all the days. On one hand, you are showing your faithfulness and on the other, you are unable to control your appetite for a certain dish. Won't you call it sailing on two boats?
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    Well, I agree with the thought of not travelling on two boats at the same time, but I don't agree with the analogy with which it is related because when it comes to food practices based on the days it is not about the way issue is raised here but about the faith and trust of a certain person and faith does not have to be rational or placed in a balance of logic and reasoning. And to question someone's faith just because we don't believe in something is also a kind of subtle intolerance.

    Many people are raised with such a belief system that few days are of certain deities and thus those days need some special kind of food and rituals, so it is hard to understand that belief system and their deep faith in that system and judging such a thing on the balance of rationality is not at all rational.

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    I have also came across through my so many friends who are non vegetarians but would skip the menus on particular days because they pray for certain God and avoid such foods. Its good to control on the subject. But what is the use of such temporary restrictions , when on the next day the same menu would be eaten with full zeal to match the missing dish of skipping day. If the eating of non vegetarian is considered a sin and that is known also, then why it is continued again. That means one cannot stop their taste buds and for that reason they should not blame on the rituals and customs of following no non vegetarian on particular days. According to me those people are confused lots as they do not have courage either to get rid of it or continue with eating even on that specific days. They need to draw wisdom on this matter.
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    Because of the high consciousness level in the human beings they generally act in an intelligent and manipulative way. For their own convenience they will evolve and invent new ideas and new systems which were originally not described in our culture and tradition. This is one characteristic in the society because of which the society is ever changing and evolving in new patterns and sometimes even merging in the cosmopolitan ocean.
    I remember when I was a child, my father told me not to travel on Tuesday and Saturday and they were considered as an inauspicious days for the purpose of travelling. But when there was some urgent work then people were allowed to travel even on those days. It was told that relaxations where available in certain situations.
    So our society is full of such examples of sailing in two boats.

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    The author gave a nice thought and I agree with him. Being vegetarian or non-vegetarian is a choice or sometimes a need of a person and that is why they follow it. There is nothing wrong to adopt any kind of food system nothing like sin would be there. But some people who are non-vegetarian but do not eat the same on some special days, are may religious and believe that if they eat the same in those days they will get punished by their God but this is not true. Another reason could be that when a family performs any special worship on these days they want to be more energetic and for this, they may avoid too heavy food like meat or spicy food and that is why they avoid taking non-veg. It may also affect their healthy and digestive system, as they are habitual to have non-vegetarian and a sudden change in their food style affects their body or their internal organ system.

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    Even non-vegetarians may not eat non-vegeterian every day and every time. Some days they eat only vegetarian. I have seen many people eating non-vegeterian once or twice a week. But some people may like eating non-vegetarian every day and their financial status may not allow the same. They can't the same to their children in the house and hence they may say that we should not eat on this day or that day. The custom might have come like this.
    Eating non-vegeterain may not be considered a sin. If it is a sin. as mentioned by the author one should eat non-vegetarian at any time and on any day. A vegeterian will never eat non vegeterian. But a non vegeterain will eat vegeterian as well as non vegeterian as per his choice.

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