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    OTT Platform and Today's World

    I wanted to have a discussion on the OTT platform and wrote few paragraphs about it and submitted it in the article section and it get rejected, but I still want to have a discussion over this topic so I will raise this topic here in the forum section with few themes
    . Have you so far heard about the OTT platform or watched anything on it.
    Today one of the biggest and most popular entertainment providers are OTT (Over the top) platforms like- Amazon prime, Muvi, Netflix, Alt Balaji, Voot, Zee5, sony live and many more which are streaming media services offered directly to viewers via the internet. Some of them are free some of them are partially free and some charge a monthly amount and provide various plans for a single viewer or more or only work on one screen or on multiple screens. It is such a big industry today.
    These platforms have no censorship and the creator gets complete freedom to present his/her content however the way they want to present without much restriction. It presents a story way different from the television series which get elongated for so long time, it presents a real picture of a society that is often not shown on mainstream cinema and television where one doesn't have full freedom of expression or criticism.
    Not just realistic dramas but also science fiction, reality shows and fantasy you can find anything and everything here, this is one of the biggest reasons it is so popular among the youths and is Earning so much.
    For example, the latest show on Netflix called Squid game is getting so popular worldwide and earning so much name, fame and money.
    uring the time of the pandemic of the corona, these platforms made for themselves a new place in the mind of people by continuously providing new shows and movies. When the whole entertainment industry was shut down no movie theatres, no new shows on television provided people with fresh perspectives and enlarged their market manifolds.
    What is your take on such kind of platform slowly replacing the traditional form of entertainment
    just the way television replaced the radios and other earlier forms of Entertainment, Now OTT is becoming a game-changer and replacing all other sources of entertainment and the way we look at it by providing an advertise free and restriction free entertainment zone at our own terms and conditions.
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    As the technology develops and as the people are bestowed with more options and as the situation forcing people to stay away from theaters, new ways and means are found and OTT stands as the best options to release the movie or even short films through the internet and people are happy to the view the same with the family. The reason for success of OTT is that we have been given more freedom of hassle free appreciation of any entertainment without the customary ads and thus we are not distracted through the flow of the story and well connected to the movie or short films in one go. Some internet entertainment providers are making hay while the sunshine and those who spent crores on theaters are now changing the interiors to let out for the marriages and other purposes. But the big thing is that the film Industry has survived.
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    OTT platforms are in high demand these days, there was a time when these platforms were just started to being a part of our entertainment but due to charges that are on monthly basis or maybe people enjoy movies on theater more could be a reason for their less demanding but the lockdown period brings a big change in peoples thinking as they need the same platforms when movies o series started to release only on OTT platform. Not only movies but web series also bound their viewer. Netflix and Prime are most favorite OTT platforms and many people especially youth keep watching movies and series on them. The best part of these platforms is we can watch anything as per our own choice. Apart from that they also provide a facility to restricted movies or series for kids when you play them in kids mode. In this way the entertainment and business both increasing their charms.

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    OTT platform has become very popular with the viewers because by subscribing and paying an amount for it there is freedom to select so many movies and other amusement programs in that Internet channel. Govt was contemplating to bring the OTT platform also under the censorship but I am not sure whether it got finalised or not. Till that time the viewers will have full freedom to select the full content in these places.
    Internet has revolutionized the world in many ways and OTT is one of the concrete examples of that change.
    The situation is such that the filmmakers also are supposed to release their films in this great place as traffic here is increasing day by day. The multiplexes and cinema hall business will definitely be affected by this new trend.

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    There are many OTT platforms these days and many of the viewers are taking subscriptions for any one of the oTT platforms. In our house, we have Amazon Prime and my sons will watch movies of their choice on this platform. I am not a regular movie watcher on TV screens. I prefer to watch on the screens in the theatres only. But because of COVID, we stopped going to the halls.
    OTT platforms should also come under censorship. We had an active GD on this site on Regulations to monitor OTT platforms. You can open this link if you want to know more about the regulations.
    As the technology is developing very fast we will witness many changes in the coming days. Many old gadgets will disappear and new gadgets will be seen.

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