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    Food crisis in Afghanistan, India bracing to help, do you agree?

    Keeping aside India hate towards Taliban and not recognizing the government there, it is becoming more difficult for the people of Afghanistan who are now in the brink of starvation and no medicines and therefore Indian government is planning to send massive quantity of wheat and medicines for their urgent need. Once again India has shown the world that when it comes to humanitarian approach none can match our thought process. But how far Taliban is going to deal with this reach out strategy from India need to be watched. Are you agreeing for this help?
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    When an individual is hungry and not having food. as a human being, we should offer some food without seeing whether the other person is our friend or not. Food donation need not be selective. So I support this act of the Indian government. But some may say against the act. Individuals opinions will differ always.
    How the Taliban government reacts to this good gesture of India can't be predicted. They may appreciate or may not. Any country will not go against other countries unless otherwise there is a very big enmity. So far there are no negative remarks from the Taliban government also against our country. So I feel they will receive our help positively only and respond in a friendly way.

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    The gesture to offer help to mitigate the crisis in Afghanistan is appreciable but the real issue is the distribution of the foodgrains under the Taliban regime. If the help offered by India and other countries are distributed equally among the population then there will be some relief otherwise, it will not serve the whole purpose. Because of the crisis, the Taliban may accept the help at this moment but that should not be thought of as a friendly gesture from the Taliban.

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