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    Regarding my article on the contest for comparision of colleges for a specific course

    Dear editors,
    I had posted two articles for the abov mentioned contest. I had given tags for opening the external links in separate tabs. One of them was accepted on 16th October, however, the other one was given feedback that I should edit the tags to open the links in the same tab as there is a chance that the viewers may get carried away from the main page. accordingly, I had done the same. However, the article was again sent to pending on 18th Oct with the feedback that the external links should open in separate tabs. so I have edited the same again. But I am surprised that the same article receives different feedback and gets delayed for acceptance. Kindly see to it and inform me if the current version is ok.
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    Sharmistha Panda,

    I checked the article and the instructions given. You have got a little confused though the instructions were clear, so let me explain.

    An internal link means to a page at ISC. This may be the college, university, school, course, etc. In your article, this is the link to the BBA course. This should open in the same Tab.

    An external link means to a site that is not ISC. This may be the official page of the institute or, as is the case with articles related to Google AdSense programs, the page where a specific policy is stated. In your article, there are two external links, namely to the official websites of the college/university. These should open in a separate Tab.

    When you give an internal link to the course, the reader remains within the ISC. If the link opens in a separate Tab, the reader will go to that Tab and may not return to the earlier one (of your article) and hence may not even read the rest of your article or take further interest in ISC.

    Similarly, if you give a link to the official website directly (without the target-blank attribute), instead of through an external link that opens it in a separate Tab, the reader has effectively left the page of the article and ISC as well and may not use the back arrow to return. However, if you give the external link to the university, it is likely that the reader will still return to your article for details, as the external link is just of the Homepage and the reader may not have time to browse that entire site for info. that is sought (which should be in your article).

    Let us know if you need further guidance.

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    Clear on that now. Thanks for the guidance.

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