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    When the selection is bad and very bad, then the less bad should be chosen

    Selection does not mean only with things but it is related to every area of our life. Often we are under pressure to choose anything, so we know that we will choose what is best for us, even if it may be less for others. But when the choice is not between good or bad, but bad and bad, then the situation becomes a little difficult. In such a situation, it becomes necessary for us to look at both things from every aspect, and understand that we have more interest. Some people make decisions in such a situation without thinking because on the basis of them when both the situations are bad, then choosing any of them will be no different. But this should not be done, the effort should be made that even in bad, by recognizing one's own interest or better, choose the less bad.
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    Don't get confused with Election and Selection. I think, you are talking about selection. Choosing the things required for life is selecting the things after careful study and analyzis.
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    Thank you for rectifying me.

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    Everybody wants to choose what is best for him though but it does not work in every situation or place, fact is that he gets what he is entitled for or what he really deserves in accordance with his abilities, skills and personal qualities. The author has pointed out what a person should do if he gets himself sandwiched between a devil and vast sea or two different difficult situations. I think he will not be able to keep his wits on place. However, if he keeps himself in control then in this situation he will prefer to tilt towards a bearable option provided that situation allows him to choose which bad is good for him and which bad is bad.

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    Interesting post from the author. If the selection is bad and very bad, then how come there may be agreement and acceptance for the less bad to be chosen. Many a time the option is not available for us to choose the best. In that case it is better to wait for the day and time for the good selection that can be made instead of compromising our like and giving nod for the lesser bad item or product. One thing is sure that our satisfaction matters the most and we have to consult the inner soul before deciding anything. If the things are not working out properly the best wisdom is to stay back and watch for new arrivals. By doing so we are not wasting our time, we are not deceiving ourselves with inferior quality and above all this action from our side would be hugely appreciated because those waited for any opportunity are always gifted with good chance.
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    That is what we are doing in our various elections that are taking place to elect the representatives in various posts like MPs/MLAs. We know that no candidate is good but we are trying to select the best among the lot. Again the terms good and bad are not absolute terms and they are relative terms. A thing that is bad for you may be good for me. It all depends on the individual. What is considered bad earlier may be considered good now. So generally when we have to select something from the availability we will choose the best among the available. The others may think what we have selected is not the best and for them something else may appear better.
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