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    The grief of regret is greater than that of defeat or failure.

    If seen, we are fighting some kind of fight every day in our life, sometimes this fight is with others, sometimes with ourselves, and sometimes with circumstances. In any situation, we do not accept defeat immediately. We know that we try our best to prove ourselves right and we should do the same but sometimes some people decide their defeat or victory according to others. If a person is preparing for a particular exam and gives a paper every year but is not able to pass due to some reason, then it is also a battle with ourselves and we should push ourselves towards hard work to win. In the meantime, some people will come and make you realize that this is not your cup of tea. In this situation, you should not hold back on what they say. If you change your decisions at the behest of others, you will not feel satisfied whether you win or lose. Try till you are satisfied in yourself that you have given 100 percent of your hard work, even after that if you lose then at least there will be no regret because you know that you have tried your best because the grief of regret is greater than the grief of failure or defeat.
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    We should not regret our present actions at a later date. That is why we should think twice before we make a decision and act accordingly. Many people will come and give you suggestions. But ultimately it is your life and you should be satisfied. So one should hear what others say but need not be in a hurry to implement the same. You can think of various suggestions you got and you can speak to your mind and make the best decision possible so that you need not regret afterwards your actions of past. Nobody in this world will assure you that by implementing their suggestion you will be successful surely.
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    The author tried to reason out some good thoughts on regret and defeat. If we are not planning anything properly and not taking the issues very easily, then the outcome may not be superlative or impressive. In order to be a winner, there must be inclusive thoughts emanating from our mind and not just responses or pass out attitude. By the running away from the problem is the great foolish thing some people do because they do not have the guts to face the problems. Remember every problems and challenging period comes with the option of easing out from the crisis and if that is identified, then getting over the task becomes very easy. If the effort is 100 percent, there cannot be losing at all as the strike rate of success would be between 60 to 70 percent which is considered superlative performance. But who is putting 100 percent effort or try is the question here ?
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    The chances of regret if that happens at all in our lives is really very disappointing since we cannot come from that arena so easily. We have to see the pros and cons before we indulge ourselves in any assignment. A well thought process can provide us success. We need to utilise our brain confidently so as to achieve success. Why should we repent for our failures? A little mistake can spoil the entire work and hence it requires a careful consideration of all the essential points leading us to success. Failure might be there and the same can be corrected in the next stage. In such a situation, we don't mind much for the failure since there is a hope of our success in the next time. Repentance does not allow us enjoy the tranquil mood.

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