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    Sleeping during long journeys on trains.

    We are all aware of thefts, or accidents on the train, and because of this, a long journey of many trains forces us to be extra careful and alert. When this journey is during the day, then to some extent the fear is relatively less, but when the journey is at night, then the danger and our fear also increases. Some people do not sleep on the night journey of a train, I am one of them. There are also some people who sleep peacefully as if they are sleeping in their own house. It is not a good thing to be too scared, but to be sure to this extent can also prove to be a kind of carelessness. What is your approach during a long train journey, share your experiences and advice.
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    These days the security arrangements in trains are improved and some police personnel will be stationed in the reserved compartments to have a watch. The doors are closed once the compartment is full and no unreserved passengers are allowed inside. This is what I have seen in the trains belonging to South Central Railway. Hence I am thinking that similar are]angements will be there in other divisions also.
    Generally, I carry limited luggage during the journey and keep the bag or box locked always. I will tie the luggage to the seat using a chain and a lock. That ensures that nobody will take away our luggage. Even though I sleep during the journey I will never get into a deep sleep. I will get up for any small sound also. I will not carry maximum cash and I will try to manage with credit card or online transfers. I keep my purse in the secret pocket so that nobody can touch that. So fat I have any such bad experience of losing money while on travel.

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    Good post raised by the author as often when we go on long journey train travel, taking care of belongings has become more important and here some tips are shared and be followed. First off all keep all the luggage beneath the lower birth and never take out during the journey and securely lock them till destination. And if the ladies happen to sleep in the lower and middle birth, let them face the legs towards the window and this would save them from chain snatching during the midnight. And never indulge talking with fellow passengers as they could be thief in guise and if you are traveling with one or two accompanists, better some one be awake now and then. One thing is sure, the train journey should be with limited luggage, no jewels, no cash carrying and above all discourage taking costly things to other person which are risky to be broken or stolen.
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    It is really a good posting as it is common in long journeys. No need to sleep but even when we go out to the platforms in stations to buy some thing too we could lost our belongings. We used to travel from Chennai to New Delhi frequently in group of seven or more. But in all times, we used to have all luggage in one bay tied with chain and only eatables kept in open bags near our legs. But once when we travel in train from Varanasi, my uncle was sleeping in the middle birth (in day time - casual sleep). My aunt kept her handbag with cash under his back while sleeping. By believing its safeness, I, my father,aunt went down in a station to have some coffee. By that time a person, just shake my uncle as if awakening him and on his moving slightly, he dragged the bag and fled. We casually saw this but before realizing it was our bag, he flew away.

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    A good sleep in the train journey can cost you a lot and cause enough trouble. It is always good to keep the valuables separately in different bags so that we do part with the entire thing in case of theft.
    Earlier I used to travel alone, but I used to keep cask in my bag put at a pillow while sleeping. And I could never sleep properly as it used to hurt a lot. And these days mobile phone theft is on a rise. Even thieves snatch the mobiles and chains during the halts from windows.
    So one has to be very very careful while travelling.

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    Due to the security arrangements made by the Railways, theft in reserved compartments is very rare. One can go for sound sleep after securing their heavy items with a chain. Bags containing money and valuables can be kept along like a pillow or close to the chest. Normally, we don't get proper sleep due to the shakes and jerks of the coaches. We might embrace sleep only if we are very tired before the commencement of the journey. We should ensure to sleep for few hours before boarding the train for overnight journey.
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    It is a very apt observation by the author. Actually if the train conductor is present during the night time covering two or three bogies then there is not much problem because no one will try to enter the train bogie in an authorised way with a criminal intention. The problem comes when there is no conductor to take care of the passengers. In such a situation it become necessary to check the door and other entry places from where someone can enter the train in between and try to take away some luggage or some valuable items. Many passengers get up in between their sleep for going to the washroom and it it is advisable that they should take a round of the bogie and check the doors during that time. If everyone follows this then at least to some extent there will be some vigil and alertness during the night time.
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    I am not unduly worried during a night journey on the train. There will be many passengers and Railways takes all the necessary precautions. The only precaution I take is to tie up the suitcase with a chain to the ring provided at the bottom of the seat. Some people may not be that comfortable during journeys.
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    While travelling in the train, we should be always cautious and should not rely upon the conductor. Train conductors enter the compartments and after distributing the bed sheets, towels and blankets their duties are finished. Yes, they lock the compartments from the interior side so that there is no entry of unwanted elements during the journey in the night. Any slackness in the compartment would result in burglary or theft of our possessions. We should be extremely careful while going to the toilets during the train journey giving the chances of fraud-esters for the misappropriation of our valuable articles. We must resort to locking systems to keep our commodities secured. We should be cautious enough in conversation with our fellow passengers so that we remain safe by not disclosing the items we are carrying in the journey schedule.

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    Thank you authors for your valuable responses it's really useful for others too.

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