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    Has it happened with you? disliked food became liked

    Any form of food or delicacy you had a dislike for or was not aware of it earlier but once you tried and tested it, that delicacy became one of your favourites and you leave no opportunity to savour it.
    Or any food item you never heard about and is from a completely different region but once you tasted it you felt it is like a wonder and you want it more.
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    Normally we are used to house hold food to which the taste is known and the acceptance is regular. But at the home itself if a new food is made we have the inclination to taste and if that is good, the demand to make the same would arise again and again. Sometimes the some food items from the neighbors would find way to our kitchen and by tasting the same by chance, we tend to get tempted for good taste and demand the same to make it. But again making same taste of food cannot be possible. And there must be tutorial and training from the same neighbor. One of the Gujarati neighbor has shared the Dokla with us and that was new for entire family the taste was new and good and I immediately advised my wife to take the recipe and do it at home but it wont happen as the texture, taste and the way to make goes missing somewhere.
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    It happens. As we grow our likes and dislikes will change. The same is applicable to eating habits also. I used to eat sweets very much and I used to sweet some sweets everyday night before sleeping. But now I am not liking sweets. I am not diabetic but stopped eating sweets due to dislike only. Probably I ate too many sweets and that made me develop a dislike.
    In my earlier days, I used to dislike mushrooms and their various preparations. But once I ate a mushroom preparation in a 5-star hotel in New Delhi. That made me like that item and many times I order that curry whenever I eat outside. Even my wife started making mushroom curry in our house and I eat it these days. This is my personal experience.
    I used to drink coffee and never liked tea. But after joining in the job, I got accustomed to drinking tea also and now I take coffee and take both. There is no difference between the two for me these days.

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    Yes it is common to many. In my case I hate to eat cluster beans curry since my child hood without knowing any reason. In my house, as we were in joint family under the control of our grand father no elders insist the children to take any food if they are not interested. If any elder from outside compel our grand father prevent them from compelling. So, I was not provided with the cluster beans curry or sambar etc., though prepared in the house and all others eat. After my graduation, I came to Chennai and got employment in Chennai. I was going to office by staying in my maternal uncle's house. Since I went to office early in the morning and reaching home by late night as my office was at a quite distance. So, there was no need of worrying about the cluster beans as I took meals only on Sundays. One day some function was in the house. I took leave and was in the house. In the lunch they served cluster beans curry with coconut spray. As I did not like the curry and hesitate to inform the same in the house, I just tried to finish lastly off the quantity served. At that time I felt something between the teeth and when I tried to remove found it was the bit of clay (as mixed with the mustard). I, however, finished the portion and got up without saying anything. After lunch when I swallow some water only I realized myself that the dislike of cluster beans in me might be because of some similar incident happened in my child hood. Since then I used to take the cluster beans in any form.

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    While in Mumbai, my friend used to take me to a roadside hotel behind the hotel Tajmahal. There, a Muslim used to prepare excellent Kawabs of different varieties. Many celebrities used to visit that small hotel. They used to sit on charpoy and taste the dishes. When I was told that the dishes are made of beef, I never ate there, but only accompanied my friend. Once I observed the Muslim (A Tamil guy) making Andaa Parotta(Egg parota). I did not see him using beef in that dish. When he spread some Keema in that dish, I asked my friend "What's that?". My friend said," It is Mutton Keema". I was happy. When the dish was served with three varieties of chutney and salad, O my God, It was an excellent dish that I never tasted such a dish in my life. There after, I continued to visit that hotel and taste only Andaa Parota. Nothing else. One day I asked that Miya, "Miya, what is that mutton keema that adds taste to this dish." He simply said,"It is nothing but Beef Keema." I really wondered and started ordering for the other beef kawab. I continued eating there regularly. Now I am a beef lover (only Andaa Parota and Kawab).
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    An interesting thread has been posted by the author and she is right many times it happens to many people when their dislike becomes their likes. In fact, sometimes it also works for people around us to whom we may not like but after knowing them we started liking them too. Anyways this thread is about likes or dislikes of food so I like to share my experience with Lauki(bottle gourd), I didn't like to eat bottle gourd earlier and used to finish the whole meal with only lentils the day gourd was made in a vegetable at home. But during my college days I have started to eat it and today I like it very much.

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    The taste buds are very unique from person to person and decide what the person would like. Different people have liking for some particular type of food. One thing which is interesting in this regard is that once a person develops a taste one might like that item in the future. I remember when I was a child my father took me to a Tamil family where they offered us Upma. That was the first time that I had it and as soon as I took the first spoon I told to my father that they have done some mistake and mixed salt in place of sugar. My father told me to keep quiet and later explained that it was a different dish. In my house I always took semolina pudding with sugar and never knew that anything like Upma existed. So my reaction was not very abnormal. In fact later I felt embarrassed also from my quick reaction on that day. Today Upma is one of my favourite snacks. So tastes sometimes develop in very strange ways also.
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    It is so interesting to listen to the food-related experiences and stories of so many people. We often tend to think these are the things only happening with us and we are the only ones struggling with such trivialities but when we realise there are others as well and they too have so many stories to share it feels nice.
    Food habits continue to change with time and place and we learn so many new things from so many new people and new places and adapt to these things.
    That is why food history is also very interesting discipline to study how accultaration of food also happened and it was a good thing to happen.

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