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    Acting over smart leads to danger in many times

    We have freedom in all respects in many things. We should not think we are over smart and doing anything according to our own by crossing over the limitations.
    Asking lift in two wheeler vehicles on the road is common and people also give life to the people without any hesitation. But is to be asked by us only to the known persons and it is highly danger to have a lift in the two wheeler or car on the road from the unknown person without minding their driving and mental intention.
    Recently I read in news that a girl of 20 years old of Sheopur of Madhya Pradesh asked lift from a two wheeler person by believing her over smartness. He,Nidhanwas took her to an abandoned place and behave violently. She however escaped from him and lodged a complaint in nearby police station and on probe the police identified him and searching him. In the meantime she is under medical treatment. Arresting, punishing etc., are okey but what about the mental peace to this girl and her parents.
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    Especially the young females should never ask for a lift from the strangers in a remote place. Also the riders should not give lift to unknown males/females. Both are dangerous to each other. The girls of these days are over smart like boys and can misbehave to loot the items. Never ever give lift to a group in your four wheeler.
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    That is true. Over smartness will drive some times individuals to a dangerous point. We are hearing and reading many stories about such incidents. In this case which the author mentioned luckily escaped and managed to give a complaint. But in some instances, people are losing their lives also.
    When we are travelling alone, that too in odd times we should not ask lift from an unknown person. We don't know what type of person he/she is. These days people are becoming cruel and they may not worry about the life of the other person if they are getting a small benefit.

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    I think women are becoming very conscious in view of the present situation and avoid such things which may pose any kind of danger. The problem is that due to all this, it is becoming very difficult for any person to do. An advertisement related to this also comes on TV, in which a girl is looking for a lift on a lonely road at night, only then she rides in a cab which has come by booking but still the girl is very nervous, and call one of her friends and be on call continuously and in the end, the driver drops her in the destination in a nice and safe way, he says that not every man is the same. So the situation is such that no one is trusted and there is more suspicion, even in such a situation, such incidents are coming to the fore in which the girl is being mistreated or exploited by taking her somewhere by deception. This is a very worrying topic of the society, for which along with increasing security, a change in thinking is also necessary.

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    We think that the situation has changed completely as seen in the past. While taking up a taxi in a remote areas especially for the ladies, it might be risky affair. Even the same thing is applicable for a single person waiting for a taxi, it could be a dangerous situation if the man is not serious enough. There have been some incidents of loots with the single man and even the man was not prepared for the same. He thought otherwise that the passengers sitting in the taxi are the passengers but in fact they were the friends of the driver assisting him in the plan of looting. In case of a lady passenger, the situation might turn unfavourable if she is alone because of hidden thoughts of the driver of molesting or looting the lady passenger. We should be beware of such situations while moving out.

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    If the person is not known to us then asking for a lift in two-wheeler or a car is not at all advisable. It is mentioned in the thread that asking for a lift is common these days and unfortunately the rate of crime has also increased. At least, going by these rates I think we need to be more cautious although there are some technologies that may come to aid during certain periods.

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    Taking lift in a vehicle from an unknown person is a very risky endeavour for anyone irrespective of whether he is a boy or girl. It is not a question of being smart and intelligent but it is a question of physical strength which can force a person to surrender. There are so many crimes going on about which we read in newspapers or see in the media and it is also true that many people are engaged in criminal activities of all sorts and the world around us is not a safe place and one has to be very cautious and take all the precautions in this respect. Secluded places especially during the late evening hours should always be avoided in this respect. Most of the youngsters today are carrying some valuable phones with them and some time they may have some cash also in their pockets and if a person beats them or threatens with a knife and snatches the belongings then that is a big loss. The criminal will disappear from the scene and will never be traceable but we are the losers.
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    For that matter asking for lift on the road from strangers is uncalled for and that is dangerous to life. Especially the ladies should not seek the lift at all and if the situation is urgent they can ask the women two wheeler riders for the lift. Once I was riding the scooter towards my work place at 10 am. A girl about 25 years asked me for a lift. I stopped the vehicle and asked to sit. She was not telling where to go. I asked her. She said she is going to cinema and has two tickets and asked If I can accompany her. I immediately stopped the vehicle and asked her to get down. Here my intention was to give the lift but the girl was not behaving and thus thought of getting rid of her immediately. We must be very careful on the road and cannot read theirulteriorrmotives through their face value. So road users must be very cautious.
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