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    Why the number of hours one work or study each day is emphasized?

    Whenever the results of the board examinations are out the rank holders are asked a common question and that is how many hours they studied in a day? I do not know whether completing the syllabus is important or spending long hours at the study table is essential. The capability of each student is different so, generalising the number of study hours to the marks scored in the exam may not hold good. Now let's come to the working hours in a day. Those who are working in factories have specific hours in each shift and in most cases it is an eight-hour shift. Maybe from that, the eight-hour work schedule has been derived. But if one is not associated in a factory then is it so important how many hours one worked in a day? Each day there are some tasks to finish and if you can finish those tasks within a couple of hours then why one has to be in office for a specific period. Even there are days when you have to work for a long duration to finish the tasks and in those situations, it can become impossible for you to leave the task for the next day. When the target is to finish the task or complete the study within a stipulated time then is it really essential or logical to divide it into specific hours each day?
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    A performer is always chased and asked to spell out the action plan that made him to score above all and become the target for pursuing by others. For that matter according to me how many hours of work or studies has been spent is not the right parameter and how well the things were grasped or got into memory is the question here. My son does not study at all and even witting notes is also less. When we questioned him as to why he does not study but yet prove to be a performer, then he made the secret out. That intricacies of every subject is memorized and when it comes to writing or spell out, he retrieves from the memory and add up his own contribution and makes the writing more formidable and arresting for the reader or the examiner who would get convinced to award great marts. So this is the example for author the other way to score marks.
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    8 hours or 12 hours or any number of hours which are mentioned in the schedule are basically for the purpose of discipline. In our schools we had 45 minutes as the duration of a period. It could also be half an hour or one hour anything like that but with the experience and other consideration it was optimised at 45 minutes so that all the subjects are covered within the same day and at the same time the period is not very long creating a monotony or boredom.
    Timings of 8 hours or 12 hours or whatever is fixed in a particular place is basically arrived upon after a long time and experience and is probably an optimal solution for a proper distribution of work, rest, and sleep during a day. If required these schedules can always be changed by a few hours that side or this side.
    I remember that earlier we had 6 days work and 1 day holiday. Later it was changed 5 days work and 2 days holidays. Now some people are talking of 4 days work and 3 days holidays. So there is sufficient scope and margin in these things and what ever seems best for the productivity is to be adopted.
    There are only two consideration one is productivity other is discipline and if they are met every schedule would be perfect.

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    The number of hours could be matter but not more than productivity. When we talk about students whether they are studying approximately 8 to 10 hours or 2 to 3 hours but the thing that is important is what they are studying actually works. I have also seen some students sitting on the chair, with an open bok or notes fir a long time and even they read chapters thoroughly but did not capture anything in their mind, apart from them some others study just for 2 hours full of concentration and whatever they read its establish in their mind. It does not that any person who working or studying more is less productive or more but the thing is that whatever should be the number of hours but your productivity and the quality of that time should be worthy. We should focus on more productivity than a more number of working hours. But we often find that many industries also give more focus to productive hours.

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    Though the best performer is not guided by the time allocated for completion of a particular job, it can be shortened still from his end. Allocation of time should be applicable to all to maintain discipline otherwise there would be some workers completing the work ahead of the time and would proceed to their homes violating the environmental discipline.
    Doing their job fast with the adherence of the safety standards are the hallmarks for such talented people but encouraging them doing so would impact the discipline of the group. Efficiency is independent of the scheduled time frame and it can be mastered with experience and full grasp of the procedure applicable in doing a job. Hence wherever they are, the need encouragement to apply their ways to boost productivity. They can be given faster promotions if the company's objectives is to raise production with these brilliant people.

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    That is true. Some people may not understand the subject easily. They may have to spend a lot of time. Some people may grasp the subject easily. But generally. everybody thinks that if you spend more time in your studies you will get more marks. But I feel it is not correct. Have a goal and work hard to achieve it. If I set a goal of first-class marks I should prepare at least to get the minimum marks to secure first class. If my goal is 80%, I should do everything that is required to ensure a minimum of 80%.
    In some manufacturing industries in addition to working hours, a minimum target of production will be decided. The team should ensure that production. If they do anything in excess within that 8 hours they will be paid an incentive. If anybody fails to do the minimum target they have to compensate for the loss of production the next day or they may be paid prorate.
    In the case of children. generally, parents think that by making them sit with books for more time, their interest in studies will increase. I don't know how far it is true.

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