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    Grandma's Batik Saree- First step towards Success

    Someone in the conference asked So Miss Vidya What makes these Saree's so loved? What is your secret will you share it with us?
    Today a businesswoman, an entrepreneur, youngest woman to open so many shopping malls and chains of Saree-specific brands and big headlines for many newspapers Vidya, was suddenly feeling nostalgic and having flashbacks of how it all started and why she was here.
    She was barely 3 years old when she saw her grandmother folding a saree fascinated by its colour and design.
    Something so unique for her eyes, so many colours to be lost in it when it was simply a saree for others.
    For Vidya, it was a key to some sort of mystery. She tried to hold it, but her grandmother snatched it, and told her you will have it when the time will be right, now is not the time.
    Her next memory of that saree was when she was 10 years old, she asked her grandmother to lend it to her, but the old lady refused, calling it a valuable gift from her husband not to be ruined.
    She again tried when she was 15 years old and grandmother again refused.
    But the old lady told her if you want to have it, you have to earn it, This is the first Batik Saree that your late great grandfather made before starting our family business of Batik sarees, and later gifted it to me.
    So first, read and understand everything about this family treasure and then come to me and I might give it to you before I die if I find you worthy.
    But Vidya was running out of patience it was an obsession for her to hold that saree, wear it and look at it from close. But it was locked in a locker mocking her inquisitiveness.
    She used to have so many scenarios in her brain about how to get it out from that locker.
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    K Mohan,

    Kindly pay attention to forum threads and the instructions therein. This is an entry for the e-book team challenge contest.

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    Chapter II

    Even at 15, Vidya was mature enough to tolerate things. She patiently waited until 20. Yet her grandma was adamant to give her batik-saree to her. Vidya played many tricks to get her saree but failed in all her attempts. She approached her grandpa to get it. He said," It is between you and your grandma, I cannot help you in any way." Further, she requested her parents to get the saree for her. Her mother said, "How can I fetch it for you? Even I could not get the saree for me. Your grandma treats it like a treasure and it is possible to get it only after her departure from this earth. So, please have some more patience and kindly wait for the day when she would show mercy upon you.

    One day, with something in her mind, Vidya asked her grandma, "Grandma, how old is the batik saree?" She replied," 50 years, Vidya. Why you need this information? Vidya said,"Since your saree is old and kept idle inside the locker, the saree might have got damaged with insect bites." Grandma replied, "No, dear, it is intact." Vidya said, "No Grandma, there is a possibility as I see many cockroaches and small insects in our house." When her grandma was hundred percent sure of no damage to the saree, Vidya challenged her. She said, "Grandma, Let us bet. Take out your saree and spread it. If we find any damage, you should present it to me. If we don't find any damage, you can continue to hold it as long as you wish to hold." Grandma agreed and she wanted to have it done on an auspicious day.

    On a full moon day, in the presence of all the members of the family, the saree was spread for a check.

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    Chapter 3

    Vidya thought Grandmother might be angry on this open defiance and challenge to her authority but on the full moon night quite contrary to her thoughts she found grandma very happy.
    Grandmother very pleasantly gave the Saree to her and said you are quick-witted, dedicated smart and hard worker both and tried everything in your power to get it and that my girl is very important to run any business.
    As I asked you to read about the history of Saree and how it is made and I saw your dedication and curiosity in it. So now you will not only have this Saree but the whole family legacy.
    When your great-grandfather was on his deathbed. He was very upset with the disinterest of family in the family business.
    And when your grandfather and father followed a different profession he was heartbroken that this business will end with him.
    So he gave me this responsibility, to pass on this legacy to the young generation, and to keep you interested in this Saree and its legacy I always pulled some magic tricks related to Saree and pushed you towards studies related to it and Business. And I think you have followed all the tracks very well.
    This year your graduation will be completed, and I know you want to go abroad for further studies hence I have arranged everything and have discussed it with your Father.
    So now you can wear your Saree with a smile on your face.
    Vidya, on the other hand, felt so betrayed she did not like a single word of what her grandmother said and thought that she was made a fool throughout her life and has actually no interest in anything anymore.
    She angrily ran towards her room while crying asking her grandmother how can she do such a thing to her own granddaughter, how can she play with her mind in this manner?

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    Hey, Sun I have made a few changes in the first chapter so please do read those changes before moving further. As I forgot to mention Earlier I thought about dead grandpa but since you mentioned alive grandpa and I gave no instruction so it might have changed the direction of the story. So in the first chapter instead of grandpa, I have used great-grandfather.
    So please now go ahead with the story of how the quick-witted grandmother will convince her granddaughter to become what she wanted to without hurting her ego.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    Chapter IV

    Vidya' grandma remained silent while her parents pacified her saying that grandma had not spoken anything wrong but she wants you to continue with the family legacy. They asked her not to worry much about and things will go as per destiny. Days, months and years passed. Vidya completed her graduation. Her parents did not want her to go for any further studies, but to get married and lead a peaceful family life. They approached the marriage brokers for a suitable alliance.

    One day, the marriage broker brought an alliance and showed the photograph and biodata of a boy who was the son of a textile giant in the city. When shown to Vidya, Vidya was impressed by his good look and style, but worried whether she would be a suitable match to him. When shown to her grandma, she smiled and said," Perfect. I am sure, this alliance will get well." A day was fixed for the families to meet. Prior to the meeting, grandma called Vidya and said, "Vidya, on the day of their visit, kindly wear the saree I presented to you. It has some magical effect."

    As advised, Vidya wore the batik saree and presented herself during the family meet. During the would be spouses personal meet, the boy said, "Vidya, You are a beautiful girl, but the saree you are wearing adds more beauty to you. I like you." With the consent of the boy and Vidya, the marriage was fixed. Vidya thanked her grandma for the saree's magical effect. After their marriage, Vidya worked together with her husband and concentrated to improve her family business that turned well. She has become a top class business woman in the textile world.

    In the conference hall, Vidya wiped her tears and said, "The entire credit goes to my grandma."

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