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    Elders have the compulsion to live with modern thoughts of grand kids

    I am sure the modern kids are no more grandma savvy as they have plenty of things in their hand to live and enjoy. The elders have the compulsion to live with thought process of modern grand children and they cannot assert or induce old thoughts into the child mind. Because the present day children are more accustomed to new way of living and may not like the old and outdated way of life. In this process grand parents fail to sync with the kids and they remain mute spectators for so much happenings before their eyes and they sulk. When the son and daughter in-law does not care how the kids would do the favor.
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    I have a different opinion here. Definitely, there may be some differences of thoughts will be there between the grandparents and grandchildren. But love and affection will be there always and a grandchild will never belittle her/his grandparent. If the grandparents start interacting with the grandchildren on regular basis definitely the kids will hear the saying of the grandparents. My granddaughter will come to me and ask me to narrate the stories from Ramayana and Mahabharat. At the same time, she will like to hear the latest English rhymes on youtube. But if the grandparents and grandchildren stay separately in different places then the impact of grandparents on granddaughters will be less as they will interact very little with each other. I have seen many cases where the kids even never visited their grandparents due to the busy schedule of their parents and once in a while these grandparents will be going to their son's place.
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