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    Have the guts to ask questions to establish accountability

    Whether it is school , college, or at work place and even with government departments, we have to assert our right of questioning and seek the right response. Because living with confusion, no clarification would lead to further doubts. By the way we must have the guts to question others. Many may accompany us and ask us to lead the front to question on issues and matters. Not that they are weak and not capable, but they lack guts and does not want to be in controversies. If everyone has this attitude, then accountability cannot be established. Any comments on this thread please ?
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    In any establishment, the freshers are guided by the seniors. There is no requirement of guts to ask a senior or experienced person to get clarifications. Seeking clarifications is good. Seeking clarifications does not put any person in any sort of controversy. The author is confused and unable to put his thoughts in a proper manner. I am unable to understand the relationship between accountability and lack of guts to seek clarifications.
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    Questioning is different and asking a question is different. Why we should question somebody if there is no controversy. If you want to ask a question to get our doubts clarified you have to ask. But in schools, some students will have hesitation and to get up and ask a question to the teacher. That is why in schools and colleges teachers should encourage students to talk and ask questions in the class. But a student should never question the teacher with an intention to test him/her.
    In offices, if the employee is having a doubt he should ask his immediate boss and get the doubt cleared. Otherwise, his/her performance will not be up to the mark. Here there should not be any hesitation to get his doubts cleared. Sometimes the seniors may ask and review the progress and the problems will get sorted out there.

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    What I am referring is the guts to question the govt officer or the department for failing in their duties.
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    Mohan, you might have elaborated this point in your initial posting itself. When you are mentioning schools and colleges the readers may understand in a different way.
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    In which way, asking questions, the guts and establishment of accountability are related? Think well before you raise such threads with irrelevant words not pertaining to the subject.

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    Asking a question is important, but even more important is the clarification of the question. When it is concerned about school and college the shyness could be a reason. Many times the person himself does not know clearly what his question is and then the answer to the confusing question is also filled which bothers us further. As far as not coming forward in controversies is concerned, some people naturally do not like themselves and they also have low self-confidence which prevents them from coming forward. One should have the right to clear doubts or confusion but in the right way.

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