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    What do you do to generate hope during the dark times in your life?

    When life is going ahead smoothly then there is absolutely no problem to manage things and we happily go ahead with it. The real problem comes when the situation becomes adverse and unfavourable in many respects. Call it failures or bad luck, sometimes a very bad situation in life arises and we are at our wit's end as to what is to be done to tackle and solve so many problems. That is actually the dark time in our lives and it is not easy to resolve it by ordinary means.

    Some people adopt meditation and other practices to calm the mind and think thoughtfully to find out measures to get out of the bad times, some approach kind-hearted friends and people for help, some people approach the advisors and experts to help them, and similar things like that.
    What is your thinking in this regard that if you are trapped in bad times in your life then what are those things that you would be doing to bring hope and a ray of light in your life?
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    A very nice post is raised by the author. It is very common for people to be happy and upset as per circumstances. When we feel happy from the inner world we like everything that we have around us but when we are in a dark time we need someone to help us. In this situation, we are our biggest helper and we should be. As like others I too had some dark times and that time I used to watch motivational videos but after sometimes I feel that my dependency on these videos is increasing and I am not sure that same video will help me always or not, that is why I changed my way and spend time with nature that helps me and give me a positive hope. So now whenever I fall bed or dark time, I usually go to the bank of the river with my book. Sometimes I just sit without any activity and just observe my breaths and enjoy nature, when my mind feels calm and at peace then I start to read the book. This is my way to generate hope during the dark time of my life.

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    When there are problems only our ability will come for testing. All people think that they are great when all the things are going in order. Swimming against the flow is the real task. Swimming with the flow is not very difficult.
    In our lives definitely, there will be some problems and we have to face them. We have to get prepared for the eventualities. We have to face them.
    When there are testing times in our lives, we will think of coming out successfully. I generally pray to God to give me the required strength to swim against the flow and also pray to show a way to come out of the problem.

    always confident

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    I have always expected bad things to happen and also devised ways and means as to how to get out of the groove. I know life may not be same all days and bad things do arise and has to face the challenges formidably without seeking others help. My strong will power on any matter is the plus point to be strong. That is why my forum footer also says the same thing. That even this challenging situation would soon fade away. Life is the cycle followed by good and bad time. When we are happy and enjoying the life, expect a fall out soon and that would be more challenging than the previous period because God wants to balance our ego and the goodness through bad time and we have to get out of the same smoothly. One thing is sure, as every bad challenges or bad time as the time bound solution to which we must wait and use it.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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