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    Do they really have this right?

    When we move in the path of life, we meet many people, some also make an attachment to us and some also come in the form of good advisers, if we are near a stumbling block and some people try to stop us. But we didn't listen and stumbled. After this, it is okay for those who tried to stop us to be angry with us or to explain, but other people who were just watching the spectacle, do not have the right to tell us about anything. The same principle applies in life, when we fail due to some reason, those people have the right to speak or to be angry who gave us advice or guidance for success but other people's opinion or comments do not matter, and actually, they have no right to comments on us after our failure when they were not a part of our struggle.
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    We are living in a society. Society watches our progress and comes to the rescue whenever necessary. There will be comments when we fail. We also do the same but when others do it, we feel unhappy. It is not the question of right, it is just the way of the society. We have to take what is good and leave out what is not useful.
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    We can't stop people to comment. They will continue to do that. When two people meet, definitely there will be a discussion and any point can find a place in that discussion. Commenting will be there always. Even we are successful also there will be people who will comment on the way we achieved our success. This is a very natural process. It is up to us to take them or not to take them. If we feel something useful is there, we can take it and if we feel there is no stuff in those comments we will leave them.
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    Nice post from the author. Unfortunately there are people around us who want to give their comments even though they are not part of our struggle or the matter. One month back I had been to Cuddalore in TN and while going in the auto our relative and we are discussing some family issues during the journey. Suddenly the auto driver started interfering and giving advise. Immediately I got irritated and asked the auto driver to shut up and do not interfere. Actually in TN there is a bad habit to poke the nose on others affair. As we are discussing the serious issue in Tamil he choose to interfere as if he was posted of entire episode. I also warned him not to interfere with passengers dialogue in future and that would make the passengers not to ride the auto at all. He felt very awkward and kept on asking to pardon for the wrong interference.
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    Well, let's not complicate things by thinking about who have such and such rights and who does not. There are things that are legally permitted and one can raise their voice if such permission is denied to them. The rest is just understanding between various people. Different people will act differently and it is not possible on our part to change their behaviour. If you like their comments listen to them if you do not like just ignore such comments from them. When it is about some rights people are entitled to they can take legal action if they are not allowed to exercise their rights but in these types of cases mentioned in the post, we only argue with others by raising our voices. It is within the ambit of our natural tendency to interfere and get rebuked for that.

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    We can ignore the comments of people to some extent, but when a person is sad from within, then the comments of such people also provoke him to take some wrong step and we have found such cases many times in the news.

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    Yes, I completely agree with you that such comments from people can provoke a person who is sad but again it's up to the person to exercise control. When people are emotional they lose their sense of presence and do not know whether they are doing the right thing or wrong. In such a condition it is quite easy to get provoked. The thing is to control our emotions. If we are controlled by our emotions then we will be easily provoked by others but persons with strong grit cannot be provoked. If someone takes a wrong step without thinking about the step then there is no point in blaming the other person who instigated to take the step rather need to remain strong within.

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