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    Communal violence against Hindus in Bangladesh

    Hindu minority oppression has taken a deadly shape in Bangladesh. The fundamentalist Muslim organization of the country has started persecuting the Hindus by keeping the "Koran" in the Durga Puja pandal. At least four Hindu people have been killed and many more injured so far. Three hundred Durga pandals and Hindu temples were vandalized. The temple of Iskcon has been attacked. ISKCON authorities have called for a worldwide protest on October 23.

    The government of Bangladesh is trying hard to suppress it and declared that the situation is under control. India's foreign ministry has expressed concern. Bangladesh had at least 14% Hindus but now it has about half. Often such violence is perpetrated by various radical organizations. Many experts believe that such incidents have been taking place in Bangladesh since the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. What is your opinion on this and what are the consequences?
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    Action by ISKCON made me laugh.

    The fact of the matter is that they are behaving in the most selfish ways. People have always suffered deadly due to Islamist radicals from time to time but one of the biggest religious group / communities was busy chanting Krishna consciousness instead of applying the rational teaching of Gita.

    I do not know what have gone into their mind but were they sleeping when this was happening in India or in other parts of the world? Why they could not resist when a complete Hindu culture got cleaned-up in Pakistan.

    Appreciation for the author for raising this or else few of the lives never mattered to the world. I am referring to the Hindu community who got singled out to one country and even they want it to be a secular nation.

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    Very unfortunate that the Hindus are not allowed to follow their faith in Bangladesh. This is very dangerous trend as the retaliations would be severe and that cannot be tolerated further. Why the Muslim radicals should keep the Quran in the Durga Puja Pandal and that is nothing but deviating from the sentiments of Hindus and thus face off was imminent. It is seen that there has been systematic campaign to weed out Hindus from Bangladesh and ISKCON has been targeted. As far as I know this organization teaches the basics of Gita and its impact on daily life. Probably that irked the Muslim radicals. And what is more disturbing that those who support the Muslims even for small overtures from other religion are keeping quite and that proves their opportunistic support to the Muslims and not really from their heart.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    That is how Hindus are suppressed in some countries. We heard and read many news about the ill-treatment of some sections of people in Pakistan on Hindus many times. Unfortunately, no human rights protection community member will come and say against the incident that took place.
    The percentage of Hindus is drastically reducing in such countries and it is that actually wanted by the people and governments there. But in India, people are so good and behave well with all people irrespective of their community or religion. That is the beauty of our country. Now the Indian government should take up thesess type of issues with those countries. India helped Bangladesh and had a war with Pakistan to have a separate country for Bangladesh citizens.

    always confident

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    Very unfortunate that Bangladesh has become an ungrateful country that forgot the past days when Bangladesh was released from the clutches of Pakistan. If this continues, India should not hesitate to take over Bangladesh and change the design of world map by removing Bangladesh.
    No life without Sun

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    There is no word suitable to condemn such communal violence in our neighbouring country or in any part of the world but unfortunately, such violence is the handiwork of fundamentalists who are provoked by certain groups with vested interests. It is not limited to a specific country and countries having expansionist nature indulge in such things. Whenever there are internal problems in a country, some groups try to create more division among the residents in the name of religion for their personal gains to get a stronghold in that country and we all know the situation of Bangladesh and Pakistan. They have their own problems in various regions. Instead of addressing such issues, there are instigations from certain quarters to create tension so that the people living there focus more on the tensions rather than the problems. In the name of negotiating with the troublemakers, the instigators will try to step in and gain control of such small nations. Surprisingly, countries are not united to find a solution to such problems and that's why it is going on unabated.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    This is a really bad incident, when this communal violence will be ended no one knows but what about humanity. People should understand and think about humanity, kindness, many more important factors are there in society apart from community. Today in the world there is no such country where different communal societies are not living together, and some countries create a peaceful environment with respecting each others religion. To prove oneself best some such people always create scenes in the name of community and religion. This should be stopped.

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    No religion is bad if the people following it remain within their boundaries. Unfortunately there are some fundamentalist religious groups which are creating problem not only in Bangladesh but all over the globe wherever and whenever they are getting opportunity to do so. The various world govt are not able to contain the aggressions by these fundamentalist groups.
    The most discouraging thing about these groups is that whatever and however amount a particular government does for their benefit and favour, it is being totally ignored by them at the time of their offending phases. Such a high degree of adamancy is a grave concern for the whole of the word communities.

    Knowledge is power.

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    This is really an unfortunate incident and that, too, took place during the puja festival. It is not the first time it is happening either in Bangladesh or in Pakistan rather it has been their culture to terrorise the Hindu Communities whenever there is congregation of this community during their religious festivals. The days have changed for worst and it appears that we all have lost human civilisation killing the men of other communities mercilessly even though they were innocent. However, Hindus in India are tolerant enough not to colour such a ghastly incident as the deterioration of human culture. We have behaved in the matured ways but let there be restraints of religious circles to check these ghastly incidents.

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    When other caste people are attacked or suppressed, the Amnesty International would raise the voice immediately and their eerie silence in this brutal killing and violence goes mute without any condemnation.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    That is true. Had it happened to any other religion in India we will say so many people crying foul against the happening but nobody now says anything.
    Wrongdoing is a wrongdoing irrespective of the people who did it and who suffered. But unfortunately, many of us fail to view the incident as an incident. But our opinions change based on the people involved in the incident.

    always confident

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