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    A day of a writer with his fountain pen

    Aditya is a writer and he penned many stories. Recently he retired from his job and found more time to spend on his writing activity. He was always fond of writing with his fountain pen only. He uses two fountain pens. He fills black ink in one pen and red ink in another pen. He uses black ink for writing the story and red ink for correcting and rewriting.

    He is thinking to start writing a story and he opened his book and started looking around for his black ink fountain pen. While searching for the pen he went into his past memories. When he was in 6th class, he participated in an essay writing competition and he got a fountain pen as a gift for that. He loved that pen and used it very carefully. He always used to talk about his liking for that pen and never allowed anybody to touch that pen even. From that time onwards he used that pen only for all his examinations till he completed high school.

    One day to play a prank with him, one of his classmates took away that pen and hidden in a secret place. Aditya could not find the pen and he was so upset and started scolding everybody. His friends started playing with him by hinting at some wrong hints. After a lot of play around his best friend brought that pen and handed it over.

    By the time he recollected all these happenings, he found his pen inside the cover of a book. He took out the pen and book. He is about to start writing the story. Meanwhile, he heard his wife calling him. He got up from the seat and come out of the room. While he was coming out his 2 years old granddaughter entered into that room which was not noticed by him.
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    Ryyu, Hope you have gone through my post and getting ready to post your chapter before 12.47 PM tomorrow. After going through your chapter I will post the next course of action here in this thread itself.
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    Chapter 2:

    Aditya's wife called him for breakfast. He completed his breakfast and coffee. After that, he went again to his work table. As he entered the room, he got stunned seeing the scene there. His granddaughter is sitting in his chair. One fountain pen is on the floor under the table. The other pen is in the hands of the kid. He immediately became angry but in no time his anger turned into laughter. He called his wife and showed her the scene there. She could not resist laughing loudly.

    Immediately she brought her smartphone and took photographs to show to the other members of the family. The kid was showing her grandparents what she has written in the book. Aditya went and took the pen that is on the floor. The nib of the pen was completely spoiled. Then he took the other pen and noticed that the nib of that pen also got spoiled. Some white papers were also spoiled.

    Aditya is very much worried. These days getting nibs for fountain pens is very difficult. No shops are generally keeping stocks of them. He has to go to the exclusive pen shop and try for that. He started on his vehicle in search of the nib. After a long search, he could get the nibs and got the damaged nibs replaced by the new nibs. He took another two extra nibs also to keep them as a spare so that he need not run for them in case of any emergency. By the time he completed his work and returned back it is lunchtime.

    He got completely exhausted and thought he can start his writing work after finishing his lunch and having his usual afternoon sleep. He looked around for his granddaughter and gave her the candy he brought for her. He is thinking about the storyline for his story.

    Note to Ryyu,
    As agreed by Vandana, ME, I have posted the 2nd chapter also. Now the remaining two chapters are to be posted by you. Please do the needful following the timeline.

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    Dr Rao, you can complete the e-book with the next two chapters since your team member has not stepped in.
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    Chapter 3
    Aditya had his lunch and thought of going for a nap as per his daily routine. Meanwhile, his wife asked him to take care of his granddaughter so that she can complete her kitchen works. There is no other way than to accept the command. He started playing with his granddaughter and slowly made her sleep. Then he went for his nap. By the time he got up his granddaughter also woke up and is playing in the hall with her toys.

    He had his tea and thinking of going for his writing activity. He has taken out both the pens and he has to fill ink in those two pens as there is no ink in the pens. He brought the red ink bottle and black ink bottle and kept them on his table.

    Meanwhile, his best friend Krishna came and called him. So, he came out and felt very happy to see him. They are almost meeting after a gap of a few months. Both of them were colleagues and he is also going to retire in a few months. They started discussing their office matters and other current issues. They had a cup of tea together. After spending an hour, Krishna took leave of him.

    Aditya then came to his table and filled the pens with respective inks and he thought all set to start his story. He went to the restroom. By the time he came out, the scene there made him spellbound and he lost all his energy. He went to his wife and asked her to see what happened in his room and he sat in the hall with a gloomy face. After a while he is not able to stop laughing as he is recollecting the scene, he saw in the room a while ago. His granddaughter again played the spoilsport.

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    Chapter 4

    She went into his room when Aditya has gone to the washroom. She has thrown the pens onto the ground. She emptied both the ink bottle on the table. Her whole body is with spilt ink. The table was full of ink and the cover of the writing book was also is with ink. He remembered his last examination day in his 10th class.

    They used to have a lot of fun on that day. Those days all the people were using fountain pens only. After finishing the last examination all the students used to feel very happy and start sprinkling ink on the clothes of all the other students till their pens are completely empty. His granddaughter made him recollect all the fun he had at that time.

    Slowly he went into the room. His wife took their granddaughter to the bathroom. She removed her clothes and made her have her head bath so that all the ink marks will be completely washed away. Aditya took out the book and opened the cover. He removed the bottles that are on the ground and cleaned the table. He took out the pens and cleaned them. He has to clean the floor with washing soap so that the ink stains will go away.

    He thought he can't start writing the story that day. So, he planned to go out and purchase ink bottles as both the ink bottles are completely empty. He has gone out for his walk and while coming he purchased the ink bottles. The whole day went off with a lot of fun by the actions of his granddaughter. He couldn't concentrate to make a plot for his story. Suddenly an idea flashed in his mind when he is about to go for his sleep. He decided to make a story with all the happenings from the morning of that day and called off the day and slept off.

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