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    Should we beg others to feed the poor

    Everyday, I find one or more people knocking at my door, or phoning my number seeking donation for orphanages, old age home, charity house etc. There are many organizations seeking donations from others. It is like begging others to feed the others. They have printed receipts to make us believe that they are not fake.

    Do you encourage such begging activities by which many people make their living?
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    We should not say that they are begging but should take this on the other way, that is they give a chance to us if we have some thought in us. We can take this they are collecting money from others for facilitating their motto. But of course we should be cautious in their genuine. There are people collecting money for feeding, clothing to poor people but facilitating themselves with that money. There are certain organisations meant for this and if we are really interested to offer our assistance we can do to them. But pity in this, there is an organization like this in Chennai and once I went with my close relative who wish to offer some money on her wife's remembrance day. The way of the office bearer was not good and so we returned back and with that money we offer food to the beggars at the entrance of near temple.

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    After the onset of pandemic there has been systematic change in some organizations seeking donations from the people. In our area a big van comes with the banner seeking old clothes, money, or any item to be donated and they will make money from the waste, They are also seeking ration rice which is brought but not eaten by the people. They take these rice for free and sell at 8 per kg for the hotels and road side eateries for their daily usage. This way some donation seeking organizations are thriving in our area. Yes we are indebted to help the poor, but that should be direct and not through the organization or intermediates. If you find a orphan, urchin or non cared person on the road, surely feed him and that would be great gesture. And begging for donation is something not liked by me and I would not encourage it at all.
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    If we are interested in donating we should check how genuine is the request? Really the organisation is doing a good job or not is to be verified. Then based on the findings we can decide. These days some charity organisations are appointing some people to get the donations to their organisation. They may give some specific targets to these employees. To achieve their target they may be doing all such activities. They make calls. they sent SMS and WhatsApp messages etc. If we are not interested we may ignore these.
    If they are asking us for their own requirement we can say they are begging. If they are asking for the organisations which are doing service to the poor and needy, we may not call it begging. There may be some people who are really interested in helping others may give whatever possible to them and in addition to that, they may asl their known contacts to help the needy.

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    Begging for anything in any way is wrong, as far as charity is concerned its onse a personal matter and own choice. Some people believe they want to give help the poor but along with they do not want them to follow the way of begging, they believe in charity as per their way, it could be anything like giving food, clothes, shelters, etc. On the other hand, some give rupees to the beggars directly as they believe that the organizations who ask for money in the name of poor benefits are actually corrupted and keep this donation and use it for their own benefits. There is no doubt that this organization works for the poor also but we can not deny the no corruption involvement could be here. I think we should do it's our own level, for we do not need any organization or any particular place but when we see someone who actually needs help then we should come forward and help them financially or socially.

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    Seeking a donation is not begging. There are many NGOs that collect funds to help the needy through donations and there are many fake ones too. I do not support such activities if it is a fake one otherwise, for genuine ones it is acceptable. The question is how to know whether it's a genuine one or a fake. One way can be to verify the address and other supporting credentials, if any, provided in the slip. Another one maybe their reputation. The main thing is the interest to find out their authenticity that many of us do not have.

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    It is true that throughout the day many people approach us for donations but we do not know whether they are the genuine ones or not. So it is better not to give them anything and go to the orphanage or some reputed NGO which is nearby and then give the donation there itself whatever we want to give for this good purpose. Nowadays there are many cheats and criminals who wander here and there appearing as innocent ones but they come to the people's houses with some bad intentions so we have to be careful and not entertain these people in any case. In the gated communities the security guard will not allow them inside the society but in the individual houses they will somehow get the entry by their innocent looks. There is no harm in giving some donation time to time but the thing is that it should reach the real needy and deprived person.
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