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    Musical melody of love


    Ranbir was from a middle-class family and had done his degree in Mechanical Engineering. He was good in his studies and able to score good marks in the exam. His parents were hopeful that he will get a good job and then their financial condition would significantly improve. This story pertains to a time about 30-40 years back when unfortunately not many jobs for engineering graduates were available and they were struggling to get a good job. Ranbir was also trying and finally, he was able to secure one job as a draftsman (Junior Engineer) in a company engaged in mechanical works. 
    The job was in a nearby town and Ranbir went there and joined his duties in the company. He was given some initial assignments related to the drawing of mechanical items.
    There were about 16 people in that department including 4 girls. Some of them were engineering graduates but most of them were diploma holders.
    Ranbir was a soft-spoken person and he soon became friendly with most of his colleagues. He got friendly with some youngsters like him - Omkar, Rajan, Pradip, Leena, and Jyoti.
    He also came to know that most of the engineering graduates were doing this job but when they get a good job elsewhere they would leave it. 
    One day just after the lunch hours when Ranveer was coming back to his seat he heard Leena coming from the verandah side and murmuring an old song in a low voice. When she found Ranbir looking at her, she just stopped with a smile. 
    "Do you have interest in singing", Ranbir just asked her.
    "A little. Actually, I hear them a lot. They are so melodious", Leena said.
    Ranbir himself was fond of songs and used to listen them in his father's transistor. As lunchtime was over they went to their seats and resumed their work.
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    Dr Depali:
    I have submitted chapter-1 from our team side and now you have to submit chapter-2 by 14:31 hours tomorrow (21.10.2021) afternoon as per 24 hours after the time stamp of my submission.
    After writing chapter-2 please keep a watch in this thread as I might ask you to continue to write chapter-3 also and then pass it on to me for finally writing chapter-4.
    If you have any other thing in mind please interact here. In any case, give a line of confirmation here so that I know that you have seen this thread.

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    Thank you Umesh Sir for the intimation. I have seen Chapter 1 submitted by you and now I will be submitting chapter 2 within the stipulated timeline.

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    Chapter 2:

    Ranbir and Leena both had the same interest in music. So, they became close friends. They used to spend a lot of time, used to talk a lot and listen to old songs together. Leena had a good voice also. Though she was not trained in music, she used to sing the songs. Time was passing by. They had developed feelings for each other. They were planning to live their life together.

    But there was one more thing that Ranbir belongs to a middle-class family, and he wanted to support his family. Despite being a Mechanical Engineer, he was working on a junior post as a draftsman. So, he was avidly searching for a better job. Luckily, Ranbir got a good job offer from a reputed company in another city. When he told Leena about it, she expressed her happiness that he got his dream job offer. But still, sadness was on her face. Ranbir also realized the same because he was also a little sad in his heart. As both loved each other and now they will not be able to meet like before.

    Ranbir resigned from the job, and before leaving, he gifted a ring to Leena. After seeing the ring, tears welled up in her eyes. Leena too gave a gift to Ranbir. It was a transistor, and he was looking at it surprisingly. Leena said that I bought it for you because when you would see this, you will remember me. And when you would hear old melodious love songs on this, you will feel my presence around you.

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    The next day Ranbir left for the city where he had to join his new job and after settling in the new place and new job Ranbir took a short break and went to his hometown to have some time with his parents. They were of course very happy to see his present position in the industry and were in a celebration mood.
    Ranbir wanted to tell them about Leena so that they would be knowing about it and would not be surprised later. During the dinner, Ranbir disclosed his relationship with Leena. He thought that his parents would be very happy to hear that but they became serious knowing about this development. While talking they also came to know that Lena was from a lower-middle-class family and was not having a good financial condition. Her parents were ready for this match.
    Ranbir's parents told him that they were looking for a few girls in very high-status families and they were ready to marry their daughters with Ranbir mainly because now Ranbir had a very good job. They impressed upon Ranbir that he should forget that ordinary office girl Leena and should find out some time to see these girls in those status families before selecting one as the final bride. It was a shock for Ranbir and he became really sad and much perturbed on hearing that but as he respected and always obeyed his parents he told them that he would be coming home next month and then would think about these matters.
    With a heavy heart, Ranbir left home and went back to his duties but his mind was busy thinking as to how to resolve this situation. At any cost, he wanted to marry Leena only. He thought that he would visit his earlier workplace and meet Leena and take her advice on the matter.

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    Dr Deepali, I have submitted the 3rd chapter of our team ebook as above and now please conclude the story by writing the 4th chapter and submitting it before 11:06 hours on 23.10.2021 (Saturday). If you have any queries or point to discuss please give a response below.
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    Chapter 4:

    Leena and Ranbir were in contact through letters and he also promised Leena to meet her on his visit to his hometown. But Ranbir returned without meeting her because of his parents' desires. Later, he wrote the whole matter in a letter and told that he will meet her and try to convince his parents on his next visit. Then he got busy with his job. Ranbir kept writing letters to Leena, and for a few days, even Leena's letters kept coming. Gradually, the letters stopped coming from both sides.

    When Ranbir did not get any news of Leena for many days he became restless. Then he decided to meet Leena. The next morning, he went to his earlier office but he got informed that Leena had left the job. One of his colleagues told him that she was upset for some time. Now Ranbir became very upset he was thinking continuously why she didn't tell him. He tried to contact her and visit her home but her family already left that place. Now, he returned to his job with deep pain and he kept getting lost himself.

    One evening while he was sitting he was missing Leena. Suddenly, his eyes fell on the transistor gifted by Leena. He switched on it. At that time a programme "Hello Farmaish" was being telecast on Vividh Bharati. The voice of the radio announcer seemed something familiar. How could he forget this voice? It was Leena. He became surprised. He wrote a letter to Vividh Bharti and requested to play a song. When Leena saw Ranbir's letter in which he requested to play a favourite song of Leena, she got emotional and lost down in memories lane. And the next moment she held herself and sat down to write a letter to Ranbir.

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