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    Is it the fact that only middle class people work hard for their life goals?

    We know that the society is divided into rich class, middle and poor class people. While the rich class draw their legacy through the passing of baton of progress made through their elders and the wealth sustained and even increased manifolds and therefore no running around. The poor knows their limitations as nothing can change their fate for sure. And therefore it is the middle class families and its members has time again proved the world that only hard work matters for them and nothing comes as ready made feed. And most of the great achievements are from middle class.
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    Middle-class people are always in struggle only. They will not get any help from the government as their income is higher than the limits set by the government to call them poor. The poor will get subsidised rice and other benefits from the government from time to time. Their children will get scholarships and many other facilities from the government. Rich people never require any help from anybody as they are having a lot of money and they can manage any situation strongly. The only people who never belong to either of the two mentioned above are the middle class. They may be working in some private organisation and getting a little more than the maximum limit to be called poor. The money they are earning may not be sufficient to take care of the entire family and they will suffer a lot. During this Pandemic also middle-class people only suffered a lot as many companies have not given wages during the lockdown period. I know many middle-class people who n
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    Yes. The upper class people do not bother about anything either price rise or shortage etc., as they can meet out anything with their money. Similar to them lower category also do not care on the price rise or shortage as they can tackle anything as they can go to the level of starving also. But the middle class people cannot go this side as well that side. Their dignity kills them and to meet out the dignity they should work hard.

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    Yes, this is true middle-class families have to face more challenges as they want a healthy and wealthy life. They want to earn, want to spend, savings and enjoyments also. A systematic way of life is adopted by the middle-class people to maintain their status and to survive. When middle-class parents want to raise their children with good facilities that want to do so but have to manage many things not only the financial base but on other aspects also like social, behavioral, limitations, etc., on the other hand, rich or poor parents do not worry as much as they already have a simple theory to raising their kids. The same situation we can see in different stages of a middle-class family person. Also, there are some exceptions where some poor people also work hard and get success, without any mindset that they are poor.

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    Yes, I agree the middle classes have to struggle a lot for their survival especially when the prices of eatable items are not static. Right from onion to tomato, there has been significant jump in its price. Even the LPG cylinder- an indispensable item has skyrocketed the present price being Rs 958/ -in Jharkhand and no respite is being seen. These people have no time even for worrying for this. Take the case of the affluent class, they are always comfortable despite the irrational price hike. They have a lot of problems including the education of their children. They have to shell out more money as a part of tuition fee for the irrational hike of the fees time to time. Hope this situation will improve with the activities of business activities in the upcoming time and the prices of consumable items would show a downward trend.

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    All are hard workers.
    The poor class works hard to have their daily square meal.
    The middle class works hard to become rich.
    The rich class works hard to maintain their status.

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    If there is a goal to reach one has to work towards it. Now how hard you have to work depends on your situation. If you find the task quite difficult then you have to work hard otherwise, the work may not be that hard. The classification is based on some scale to determine the economic status and people can scale up or down based on certain factors. A poor can become rich and a rich can become poor too. In between is the middle class that doesn't move. There is also some classification in the middle class. It seems some are working really hard to classify people.

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    Frankly speaking people belonging to all the classes are struggling in their lives depending on their aims and objectives. Since quite some time we had been hearing the statement that middle class is the one which struggles most. In this respect I will like to mention that actually it is the poor and downtrodden class which struggles most because when they try to get a job they don't get that, when they try to get some help they don't get, and consequently their condition is naturally very pathetic.
    As regards the rich class though they are financially well off and have all the materialistic facilities in their houses but they are also struggling to maintain their status and position in the society for which they have to work hard and manage the show.
    Middle class people are also struggling but they are at least having some basic amenities and facilities in their lives and some sort of security also through their job or profession. Due to financial constraints their lives are much more disciplined and orderly than that of rich people. So from that point of view the middle class is in a comfortable state.

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