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    The height of secrecy of a batik saree

    Riddhi, sitting on a couch after her lunch, was yawning at times when the doorbell rang. While she stood up and was about to walk towards the door, her husband Samar came and handed her over an invitation card. Riddhi curiously opened the envelope and took out the card, which made her a little more curious. Her interest was further enhanced when she read the written content on the card. A syndicate of ladies apparel companies had sent an invite to attend 'Reminisce', a two-day exhibition of women's wear of Indian traditional to western outfits. What caught her attention more was the background of the invitation card- a handmade batik saree in off white and saffron combination.

    After a while, Riddhi's mobile rang, and it was her daughter Mandira on the other side. Riddhi picked up the call, and before she had said something, Mandira exuberantly informed her mother of reaching Delhi the next day that was on Monday on an official tour for ten days. The parents became happy, and Riddhi instantly planned to attend the apparel exhibition with Mandira next Saturday and Sunday, but their happiness was cut short. Their daughter informed them of staying at the office's guest house due to heavy workload and would come home next Sunday night. Thus, Riddhi's plan went for a toss.

    Though Riddhi received the invite for being an active member of the Rotary club and a wife of a successful entrepreneur, she always had a keen interest in various handiwork. Once upon a time, she did batik print, fabric painting, embroidery on sarees and dress materials. Even Mandira adopted her mother's passion and took it up as a profession. Amid all, Riddhi couldn't forget the background of the invitation card. The back image was so familiar and emotionally connected to her; she wondered how come it became the backdrop of an invitation card of the exhibition show!
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    Dr Sanchita Ranjan,

    As you are my teammate, I request you to go through the first chapter of our ebook titled, The height of secrecy of a batik saree, then carry forward the story by writing the 2nd chapter. You write according to your idea but, the only request is that you do not highlight the character of Mandira other than her reaching Delhi.


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    Chapter ll
    Riddhi was very curious and passionate lady. She became excited when she saw the invitation card of women's traditional to western outfit exhibition. As she has been active since early age so, syndicate of apparel companies invited her. In early days, she had great interest in handi work like fabric painting and embroidery work on saree. So, not only she did work in this field but her daughter adopted this business as a profession also. It is obvious that one gets emotional towards that work in which he spent much time. Riddhi also have same feeling by seeing the picture of batik saree on backdrop of invitation card. For Riddhi, working on batik saree has been a part of life. In past times, Riddhi had made many saree for family member. She had made one batik saree for her mother which colour was almost same of invitation card. By seeing this she got emotional because of absence of her mother. Her mother is no more but her memory fresh mind and gets emotional.
    Once again Riddhi decided to restart her handiwork. Already her daughter was in this profession so, It was easy for Riddhi to work in this field. She planned to continue work. Thus, she felt happy by doing work in this field once again.

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    As far as I understood, I wrote second chapter. I was feeling difficult while writing on this kind of topic. If you feel any change is required then you can change it.

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    Dr Sanchita Ranjan,

    I have sent you a message, kindly go through it properly and make the required changes. I cannot make changes to your write-up. You need to add something new to take the ebook forward. You repeated the whole thing written in the first chapter. Kindly do it early, or else no time will be left for the third chapter to complete on time. You have to write the third chapter as well, and I will conclude the ebook. Kindly do it at the earliest.


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    Dr Sanchita Ranjan,

    Kindly reply to my message. You have to submit your third chapter by 11:21 tomorrow. Make the changes in the second chapter as suggested, and submit the third one before the time ends. Do it as early as possible.


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    Chapter lll
    Mandira was very upset because of not attending exhibition with her parents. After returning from official tour, she decided not to continue job. So, she told her mother that now she don't want to do job and start own business. After listening this, her mother shocked and disagreed. She didn't permit her to leave job. But, Mandira firmly stood on her decision. Finally, mother also accepted her decision. After leaving job, Mandira opend a small batik saree shop where she worked hard day and night and became successful women. Gradually, her shop became very famous. Shop is converted into big mall in no time. Her parents became very happy by seeing Mandira's job. One day, she got awarded by business group. She got famous as mandira enterprises. Really, It was proud moment for Riddhi. All it happened because of interest in Riddhi's embroidery work.

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    Chapter 4

    Years passed by with a successful career graph of Mandira, and on the other hand, Riddhi couldn't ever forget the incident that occurred on the last day of the apparel exhibition. It was an overwhelming experience and entirely unexpected. It so happened that Riddhi and her husband attended both the days of the expo, and they found some mystery in the decoration of the exhibition hall that was eye-catching. Everywhere the saree in batik, which was the background of the invitation card, was all around. Riddhi felt puzzled and was not ready to accept it as a mere coincidence. Even Samar agreed with Riddhi. Both of them moved around from one stall to another, met the organisers and some friends too. In the meantime, there was an announcement, and Riddhi felt astonished.

    A young girl wearing a batik saree similar to the ones used for decorating the venue came to Riddhi and requested her to accompany her to the dais. The moment Riddhi stepped onto the stage, a familiar voice welcomed her over a speaker. Within a second, she realised it was Mandira's voice, and she was pleading forgiveness. Still, Riddhi was unable to understand what was happening while Samar too was confused. A little later, someone from the syndicate disclosed everything, which astonished both the parents of Mandira.

    The exhibition's concept was Mandira's brainchild, which was appreciated and accepted by all the apparel companies. Through it, Mandira wanted to show gratitude to her mother's talent and convey thanks to all the mothers for giving up their passion for nurturing their family. Mandira selected the particular saree as it had an emotional connection with her maternal grandmother. Over the speaker, Mandira pleaded forgiveness for failing to attend the exhibition to laud her mother and other motherly persons because of an unavoidable official engagement. Riddhi was speechless and later graciously accepted Mandira's success as an established entrepreneur like her father.


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