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    How many musical instruments do you have?

    Music is a thing that is liked by most of us and we often listen to kinds of music in our free time. Along with listening to music, we may also be hiding a singer in our inner world and try to sing mostly when we are alone. I have seen many people want to learn music in different ways and they buy different musical instruments but to learn them patience is mandatory and many people do not have the same patience to learn it but a passion to keep them with themselves. In my home, we have two musical instrument one is harmonica which quite using by my grandfather, uncle and sometimes by me and another one is a guitar that is not using but bought by my sister just because she want so but she never try to learn it, and now this guitar is decorating our showcase. Do you also have some musical instruments at your home and all they are used by the family members or just for decoration?
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    I have one Harmonium and one medium keyboard. But I do not know how to play music. Because, I could not get a proper Guru to learn it. They are lying idle at home. Meanwhile, my son residing abroad informed me that he has bought a Violin for me. What to do with all these three musical instruments? I am planning to gift them to people who are interested in music but cannot afford to buy an instrument.
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    Glad to know about your thought, to giving these instrument to them who interested to learn them but can not afford. In this big world, many music lovers are there who really want to learn some of the instruments.

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    For many singing the song and humming through the song is the passion and owning musical instruments may not be possible because one has to have the prerequisites to play the music with rules. For that matter my son has guitar and flute and he purchased without any knowledge on the music but today he could tune some best out of it and that was his interest to learn the same through hectic online tutorial. But what I feel that if the family support and each one has the passion for separate musical instrument, then the experience would be formidable as a musical troupe. But that wont happen because of time constraint and the need to learn particular instrument always connected to the likes and love for the instrument. What is the use of having beautiful musical instruments and never played even for a day throughout the life is something one must ponder over.
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    I love listening to music and there was a time when I had interest in playing it also and I purchased a few instruments to pursue that hobby but unfortunately the area of playing music did not seem to be my cup of tea and as I could not pursue and learn and the hobby naturally faded in oblivion.
    I had given those instruments to my near and dear and right now I don't have any single instrument in my possession.
    Listening to good music is a great experience but playing it is much more exciting and thrilling. One of my cousins has learnt violin and when he plays it then it is so melodious and so nice that you can listen it to for quite long time.

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    I am a music lover and prefer hearing music. But I never practised either vocal or instrument. When I was a kid in our house there was a harmonium. My sister and my aunt (sister of my mother) were playing that and they were taught by a music teacher. My other sister learned to play the veena and it was also purchased. They took away their instruments after their marriage with them.
    My elder daughter in law learned to play the violin. My son purchased a violin and that is presently available in our house. Once in a while, my elder daughter in law will use that instrument. She plays well on the violin. My elder son is having a good voice and sings well.

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    I am fond of music. So, I bought musical instrument. I learned guitar from guitar teacher but now it is not in practice. Now,my daughter play very nicely. I upload video of guitar on you tube channel in my free time. Already I had given link to you tube channel where I have uploaded many video of guitar instrumental. Some ISc member liked our video.

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