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    Expressions of people can reveal their personalities and true character very often.

    Expressions play a pivotal role in determining ones character and behavior. A trustworthy friend will be always loyal by being caring and loving. In contrast a disloyal friend will start showing his true colors by being egoistic and jealousy.

    Some expressions are mentioned below..
    1.. The most selfish one letter word..........I....... Avoid it.
    2.. The most satisfying two letter word.....We.. Use it.
    3.. The most poisonous three letter word..Ego..Kill it
    4.. The most used four letter word............. Love.Value it.
    5... The most pleasing five letter word...Smile... Keep it
    6.... The fastest spreading six letter word.. Rumor.. Ignore it
    7.. The hardest working seven letter word... Success... Achieve it
    8. The hardest disposable eight letter word... Jealousy.. Distance it
    9. The most powerful nine letter word... Knowledge., Acquire it
    10.The most essential ten letter word.. Confidence..Trust it.
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    Appreciation to the author by spelling out the importance of usage of one letter to ten letter words that has formidable meaning in deciding the character and personality of the person. The gist of the content shared by the author specifies that there should not be over confidence by saying I have done it, instead one must recognize the group effort in every success. In this regard I have seen some people who were successful and won the hearts of others through awards and rewards were always dedicated their success to the God, for the best way to guide them to success. That is very humble and here we could see that there is not egoistic approach from the humble submission. And there are people who simply leave from the place when we demean them and tease and they wont retard or reply for the chide. That is great character.
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    That is true and the points raised by the author are very pertinent.
    If we replace I with WE, even illness will become wellness.
    Always try to replace your ego with love, that will make your life pleasant.
    It is always good to be smiling. Smiling will add value to our face without any expenses.
    If somebody tells you something without knowing the correctness of the information doesn't convey it to anybody. If you want to tell anybody you should first get the confirmation and then only you should tell others.
    Try hard always for being successful. But never get upset if the end result is not as expected by you. We should do our best and the result will follow and accept whatever result comes.
    Jealousy is very dangerous. It will spoil us and never see somebody else and analyse yourself. Try to improve from one day to another day. Learning and acquiring knowledge is an ever listing phenomenon and continue. Self-confidence is very important for faring better in lives.

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    It is very true that we can make a lot of things from the expressions people present to us in various situations in our lives. Expressions are the crucial elements which not only help us to decipher the mind of the person but also to find out his attitude towards us in that particular matter or in general. At the same time it is also true that there are people who can present their expressions in a very different form than what is going inside their mind. These people are very expert in playing the game of deception and we must be very careful about such personalities. So it is necessary that good expressions should have good intentions behind them then only they will have real value.
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    I fully agree that expressions of people can reveal their personalities and true character very often. But the expression of 10 words shown by the author in this thread doesn't appear to be appropriate to this thread summary. Anyhow, good compilation by the author for the combination of letters 1 to 10.
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    The author has represented one letter for the different expressions and these letters carry importance if used in a right contest. Normally our expressions don't become effective often since the worlds used by us don't influence others. Our sentences start usually with I and end with my achievements. They cannot be good achievers in any group. Leaders are the successful ones if they are conversant with the human psychology that for every success, they are to be given credit and in that situation I is to be replaced with we showing how serious is the group leader in taking his group into confidence.

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    A beautiful and thoughtful thread raised by the author, there are many beautiful qualities in human nature that can replace some bad qualities like love replace hate, humanity replace cruelty, and as the author says the most important thing is that we can replace I. When we think about "we" we cannot think up to only our level but we increase or expand our limits for a big part of society. Jealousy is a bad habit and it will only raise when we are not able to do something that others are doing so it would be better to improve ourselves rather than be jealous of anyone.

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    In the first place, the list of words is not an original write-up and it would be good to give credit to the creator. I have seen it on many blogs and sites. Also, I have not quite understood the connection between the main topic of expressions/expressing oneself and the list (even that I am unclear if you are referring to facial expressions or generally expressing oneself).

    Topics should be put up with clarity for members to discuss properly.

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    Thank you for pointing out the flaws. Expressions are innumerably written in various blogs. But a touch of origality of the presentation always differ. I wanted to convey the link between the facial expression and how it reveals the inner feelings out right
    In certain situations. For example, when a person is interrogated for a crime,many times his facial expressions changes and the cat comes out of the bag ultimately and he confesses . This is what I wanted to convey.

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