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    If ISRO made private can that compete and surpass US supremacy in space ?

    We all know that the India Space Research Organization is one of the closely held government controlled top priority entity and their progress in recent times was formidable. They can do much wonders if they are freed from the clutches of governmental control. The Modi government is mulling to privatize ISRO so that it can decide on how to commercially exploit its formidable expertise and even stand as the top leader surpassing US supremacy. Most of funding was done by Government and now ISRO has to market its own capabilities. Any comment ?
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    Mohan, ISRO is not going to be privatised. What the government is contemplating is to encourage private players to take part in the space industry. Already private industries are actively participating in defence projects. But DRDO is not privatised. In the same way, ISRO will continue to work on developmental activities and coming out with new technologies. Some other activities which are being carried out as of now by ISRO will be outsourced and will be obtained from private players. ISRO is under the Department of Space and it will continue to be there only and work as a research organisation.
    You might not have seen this thread opened by Ryyu on 16th of this month which was speaking about the private industry in the space industry.

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    If ISRO is made a private company then definitely its efficiency and productivity would increase. But one of the most important point in this respect is that ISRO has to work under the overall directions and regulatory framework of Government of India only and until the Government of India has a robust regulatory and control mechanism in place we should not be very much optimistic about the glittering output supposed to be obtained from this organisation.
    In US, there are many rich people who can contribute in the private space companies willingly but in India the commercialization of space activities will not be an easy thing. Considering all these points I don't see much hope for Indian space research programs, once privatised, to come up to the level of programs being executed in US. However being an Indian citizen I will be the most happy person if ISRO achieves that type of excellence in the global competition in space activities.

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