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    Why a widow getting married second time not acceptable that easily?

    In the ongoing serial in Tamil a catch 22 situation was shown in which a widower asked to act as mother and another person as father, need to enact that they are real couple and circumstances force them to tie the nuptial knot and all that happened so suddenly and when she came back to her apartment the whole society rejected her including the own family disowned her. Very pathetic indeed. Sometimes situations forces us to act weirdly and the outcome is drastic to the eyes of others to make rave comments. India need to grow and understand in these issues. Your comment please?
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    The most important things in any society are its culture, tradition, and beliefs. Most of the people will act according to them and follow those directives which are though very old but still have full acceptance in that society.
    So if anyone goes against those established things then he or she becomes the target of criticism and society will treat him or her in such a manner as if he or she is not one among them.
    At the same time many societies are changing with time while some of them are still adamant and want to adhere to their traditional roots only.
    Remarrying by a widow is also one of such matters which is not acceptable in our society. From a rational and logical point of view there is nothing wrong in accepting that type of marriage and everyone is having a right to live in this world in one's own way. But the only hindrance is acceptance by the society.

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    While living in the society, we need to follow its culture and regulations. In some society, there is the punishment in case of the violations of the norm. However, we have seen that there are many powerful men in the societies doing excess with the indulgence of alcohol, keeping two or more wives and for all such excess, they are not punished though a common man is punishable for these offences. In nut shell, living in the society, we have to follow the conventional norms prevalent in the society otherwise we may face the severe punishment as applicable in the different cases.
    Thinking of marrying a widow, according to the societies is treated as an offence without considering the hardship of such a lady. She might be a good natured lady, capable enough to all sorts of chores and all these qualities go in favour of that lady for getting employment but this might not her passport to marry a boy of her choice. In that situation, we are unfortunate to mend the laws of the societies.

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    There was a thread in which I too mentioned the remarriage of widows and old small-minded thinking society, in this thread, I mentioned when people do not want to change as per new thinking or ideology at least they do not have the right to disturb other or restricted others who are accepting new norms. The same thing applies in this scenario, this society still behaves like a double-faced person whose ideology is changed as per its own comfort. When it's about a man he can remarriage again then no one will object but when a women want to live life according to her view most societies oppose her.

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    Mohan, let us ignore such serials. They are not reflecting the actual situation in present-day society. Once upon a time and I will underline the word once upon a time, only such things are happening. There is a lot of change in society these days. We can't expect 360 degrees to change all of a sudden. But we are seeing the change to a large extent.
    Intercaste marriages, inter-religion marriages are very common now. Even I know some widows getting remarried and they were supported and encouraged by their family members. I know a person who got his daughter in law to marry another person after the untimely demise of her husband. The present-day conditions are different and even in villages such issues are not happening. There may be a stray case but it is not the real situation. There may be some people who are not encouraging such issues but the majority are supporting them.

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