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    The difference between love to have kids but cannot afford nurture

    For the modern couples having seen the cost of living sky rocketing in any product and services, the future seems to be more devastating as the very affordability to nurture the children is questionable and therefore in future having kids may not be forced or liked. There may be a school of thought when the both the parents are earning handsome salary, what would be the worry. But the take comes here, they do want to enjoy the children however looking after them would be a task to which they are shying away. Any comment?
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    Are we not exaggerating the issues? Even a poor man, to that matter even a beggar also will never hesitate to have kids and they will try to bring them up to the best of their capacity. But never stop having kids. In the olden days couples used to go for more children. But slowly the family planning concept has come and people started restricting the children to one or two only. I think the same system will continue. They may not be able to give their kids crores of rupees but they will see that they will get a good education. The generations will continue and the future generations may see a better world than what we are witnessing today.
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    At present we find some couples who are thinking about children but maybe run away from becoming parents, the reason for this is not poverty but something else. Some people seem intimidated by the responsibility of being a parent, which according to them is a huge responsibility, it can be difficult for everyone. But it is not so, till the time any parent does not become a parent, it can not understand that the party responsibility of the children is a positive and good idea. A poor person also tries that his child becomes a good person in his capacity and a rich person will also want the same. The importance of money for the good upbringing of children cannot be denied, but apart from this, some other facts should also be understood. Having less or more children will definitely affect their upbringing but parenting is more important.

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