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    Ducklings swim in a row behind their mother- What you learn ?

    We often come across the videos that small ducklings would swim in a row right behind their mother and wont miss the trajectory. By seeing this what one can learn? That when elders lead us from the front, they wont make any mistake and the path of progress would be sure and destined. When the leader is strong and formidable the followers need not worry for their wellbeing and goodness. And when the queue system is followed, the count would be right and there cannot be deviations or missing from others. Any other observations ?
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    How our kids shape up will depend on how we train them. When they are innocent and when they are trying to learn by observing their elders, the way the elders behave, our behaviour will be the benchmark for them. So if our kids are bad means we have not trained them properly and the onus will be on elders only.
    If the father gets up at 8 AM, their children will get up only after that only. If the father smokes in front of his son, the son will never hesitate to smoke if not in presence of his father but in his absence. So elders should practice all good habits so that their kids will also learn them.

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    A very beautiful example has been mentioned by the author for this thread. Elders are our guide, not only to show the direction of life but also to help us to understand the meaning of life and how to live a life. challenges that our elders have been going through they always try to save us from those challenges and try to make our life easier. They show their presence in every situation of our life, they build a confidant within us that whatever would be the situation our elders are always there to protect us. Sometimes children thought that they are being youth and they do not need any support but still there is a bond that our elders maintain with us and always give their hand to us especially in difficult and tough times. Sometimes we feel there is no one with us but still our elders are there with us.

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    In Tamil there is a saying,'Thaayai pola pillai, noolaip pola selai' which means the child is as mother where the sari is according to the thread. As rightly pointed by Dr. Srinivasa Rao, I have seen in a house as their eleven year old child got up in the morning after 8.30 AM by going to bed after 11.30 PM by watching mobile as her father do so. In my school days, our grand father used to get up by 5.30 AM daily and by seeing him all of us used to got up by that time as practice and till date we are following that.

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    I do agree with this thought but not completely to a certain age a child needs to follow an elder person but after that time that child develops own brain and way of thinking so expecting him/her to follow an elder person blindly is a wrong expectation.
    Elder should listen to the opinion of a child if he/she has some contradictory views and if the elder person feels the child is completely wrong they should try to teach them patiently and peacefully and if they feel the child is on the right track they should let the child the way he/she is doing it.
    And elders should understand that difference of opinion of a child or choosing a different direction by a younger person is not disrespectful.

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