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    First impression is the last impressions. Do you believe in it?

    You might have heard saying people that first impression is the last impression. To what extent it is true? If our first impression towards someone is good, it would remain same till the death.When you meet any person first time then what you observe in that person. You judge him on the basis of behaviour, cloth, how he communicate, body language, and self-projection. I think It may be true for business field or job interview but in social cases, It may wrong. I have seen many people are quarrelsome and non sharing nature in early age but afterwards, he become calm and co- operative by nature. In such case, If we having bad image towards that person then It is our loss. What is your opinion about it.
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    What I generally hear is - First impression is the best impression. I never heard of First impression is the last impression.
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    The popular sayings first impression is the best impression or what the author says first impression is the last impression can be viewed from different perspectives and there cannot be equal thoughts on that. For some starting is the trouble. That means they cannot behave to their full potential though they are capable of it. In that case we deem that person is nothing and demean him. For some they are more talkative and can impress anyone with first impression but they cannot keep their character of same in the long run. Why some actors are great and going even today because they made the first impression as best and understood the need to be so. And why many actors have lost their name, face and even recognition because their first impression was the last impression for the public as they could not able to understand their acting.
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    There was a time when people took full care while meeting a person or going to a gathering for the first time because at that time everyone will take a note of the newcomer and would decide certain thinking about them at that instant itself like how is he dressed or how is he behaving and things like that. If the person could make a god impression then many people would like to have friendship with him and would come near to him irrespective of the fact that later he might not be like a person as he looked on that first encounter. From these considerations only this phrase or saying evolved. Today in the modern world we want to know about a new person many things like what is his qualification, skill level, family background, financial condition etc and then only we take a decision as to increase our relationship with him or not. So probably in the present context the saying may not be very fitting in its literary sense but one thing is sure that if a person is well dressed and well behaved in the first meeting itself the impression remains for some time till his real worth is known by more subsequent interactions.
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    It is a proverb that we heard from our childhood, in my school days I used to say this to my friends but actually, I do not think its l=really works all the time and mostly it depends on case to the case. For a candidate who is going for an interview for a job, it may possible this proverb suits him as his first impression in front of HR or manager would be first and last or best but if we talk about any normal person to whom we are going to meet for the first time, we can judge them in fie=rst meeting and definitely two, three or more meeting needed for the best impression.

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    I know about the first impression is the best impression. So when we go to meet an important person we should go well prepared and we should dress properly and see that he will get a good impression of us. When I was studying in the university for my PG. many students used to say that our performance in the first examination should be good to gain a good impression about our knowledge, That impression will be there with our teachers till the last examination we write and they value.
    Actually, when we interact frequently with the other person, our opinion about that person will be changing based on his conduct. If we don't interact with the other person many times, we may not change the impression. We interview many people and select the best candidates for the positions. But after joining we will find some people not up to our expectations. I believe our opinions will definitely change from time to time.

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