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    How comfortable you are reading from screen or from the paper?

    Most of us have now cultivated habit to read through the computer screen or cell phone screen. Reading through paper or books are the gone days and even the children are getting habituated to online reading. Though we are at risk in exposing our eyes to the powerful rays emanating from the screens of computer and cell phones, we are at compulsion to chose the same for reading for obvious and main reason that cell phone is in the palm always. In which way you are comfortable to read ? Reading from books or through the computer screens ?
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    Reading from computer or mobile screens might be stressful for the eyes especially when the brightness is not properly set but one important difference between the computer screen and printed material in a book or newspaper is that in the computer screen we can change the size of the fonts easily as per our need but in the print media it is not possible to do that. I have some old books pertaining to very nice stories by the great writers but the print is so small that even if I want to read that in my spare time it is not possible as my eyes now are not able to read that small print. So having no option I am now inclined to computer screen and recently I tried to listen the written material on screen through the 'hearing the text' facility and I found it very nice and in some phones even the pitch and timing of this speech can be adjusted by going to the settings under the accessibility menu. So that can be used for listening purposes for the text on screen rather to read it. It is worth trying and I would recommend it to the people who want to keep their eyes away from the continuous exposure to the screen light.
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    Well, we read many things on mobile or screen like messages, news headlines, sometimes subtitles when watching a movie or series in another language. But if we are talking about books reading then I always like to read books in paper form, apart from that I like to read news also in the paper but I have some news related app and I read the same over thee also as it is more updated and gives news about every little moment. So in every manner, we can not compare them but I choose a paper from in most cases of available.

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    I feel comfortable reading a paper than reading on a screen. If we read on a paper referring back and continuing reading will be very easy than on a screen. I always take a printout of important documents and read them. But I will not manage with the virtual copy. May that will depend more on our habits. I am more accustomed from my childhood to reading that is written or typed on paper. But the present generation may feel more comfortable reading on the screen. It all depends on how you got trained.
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    We are comfortable with the paper reading since such a habit has formed from the early part of our life. Screen has surfaced as of now and the younger generations are tuned to view screen comfortably. However, I am of the opinion unless all the pages of the paper is not seen physically, I don't get much satisfaction. Reading of the paper starts from the front page and a few interesting news appearing in the middle of pages. Lastly I am interested to know the economic developments of our country including the foreign. Hence the last page,too, carries importance. The editorial column of Times of India is worthwhile to read.

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