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    Can criminals or terrorists ever be reformed?

    In many pockets in the world, there are some criminal groups or terrorist organizations which are making the lives of people fearful and always filled with apprehensions of all kinds. These criminals are sometimes killed in police or army encounters and sometimes are arrested and kept in jail and it is seen that after completing their terms and release from the jails, most of them return to their earlier groups and restart their activities. They do not learn any lesson from the punishment they had undergone. Even the reforms programs taken up by the Govt or hired agencies totally fail in improving or reforming them. So the inherent traits in a person remain like that and never change. It clearly means that we cannot reform these people. Is there any other way out?
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    This reminds me of an ancient story that is already in knowledge from most of us, the story of great Valmiki who reformed himself by an incident. If we see in today's world we found there are many people who are fake and cheating others but never think that they are doing anything wrong because they believe whatever they are doing they do so for their and their loved ones' benefit. When one person who is committing a crime is not accepting that it was wrong there is no chance to reform them. Many organizations surely working on it and sometimes they succeed with the help of a positive approach of brainwashing those criminals, but it's seen in a few cases. Changing a person is not an easy task especially when the person in front of one is having this character from within, but if in any case, such criminals did some crime by any compulsion then chances to improve or reform can be increased.

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    No idea about the terrorists but as far as the criminals concerned the chances of reform is very less. The main reason for their failure in reforming is our society only. Though a person wished to reform himself after releasing from the prison by taking up a job in outside the people will not allow him to have a job by indicating his previous history. If he started a business in simple manner too viewed differently by society. Only way for this is he should do his business in the place other than his conviction. In many cases we can see that the police personnel took the previously convicted persons list when they are getting any complaint of theft or murder.

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    That is true. There is a saying in Telugu that means that the traits we are getting by birth will not go till we die. So a criminal or a terrorist who inherited the criminal nature by birth can't be changed.
    But there may be some people who did crimes because of the conditions present at that time. A person who is hungry and has no money to eat may try to steal bread from the shop. But if he was given a piece of bread if might not have gone from that act. I think such people can be changed.
    We read in papers many times that some Naxalites who are creating problems were changed by the police by creating a conducive atmosphere and helping them to earn their livelihood.

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    They can be reformed. But due to the facilities provided in our jails make it difficult to reform them. Since they have tasted and enjoyed their jail life, they don't mind to join their own group and carryout their business as usual and repeatedly come back to jail to enjoy life again and again.

    It is our mistake. Jail should act tough with prisoners. The jailers are bribed for favours. Thus both the jailers and prisoners lead a happy life inside the jail.

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    The word criminal or terrorist for that matter purely defines that they have been drifted away from the main course of life and they have been hugely paid for undertaking criminal activities. Though their life is of constant danger, they do not mind facing the death as they are being taught to be ready to leave the life or make suicide if they are likely to be caught. In the United AP then, there was huge reach out for the Maoists to leave their blood path and join the main stream and even a meeting was arranged in the posh hotel. Having gone through ordeal of life in the forests without food and living, they could not sustain the new life offered and thus continued their activity even after the meeting and agreement. What I mean to say here that hardcore criminals and terrorists or even the naxals, cannot be changed and we have to wipe out them.
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    It may be possible to change the criminals. I watched an old Hindi film "Do Aangen Bhaaragh Haath(Two eyes and 12 hands) acted and directed by Mr. Shantaram. He plays the role of an Police Inspector. He tries to change 6 hardcore criminals into their normal life.. It is an excellent film. But in practice, do we find any police officer who is interested in changing the lives of the criminals. NO. They try to live on criminals. So, it is not possible at all.
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    Recently I came across a series based on real-life criminals called "Mind hunters" which was basically about the case studies to understand the minds of the Serial Killers of America during the time period of the 1970s and 1980s and the kind of real-life stories and the murders shown in it were so disturbing that it was hard for me to sleep soundly for few days. But before watching that series I had a belief that Criminals can be reformed but after watching it I realised that there are some people on Earth who are really demons in the skin of humans and can never be reformed as they are born with such a mind. Even though their conditions and situations do have an impact on them but the extent of their crimes and then there is no regret on their faces tells how cruel humans can be.
    So as far as I am concerned I will say there are some criminals who can be reformed but there are also some demon-like creatures in the human skin whose souls can never be redeemed.

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