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    Do the character portrayal of stories often gets changed with the gender of author?

    I am very fond of reading novels and have been reading the novels throughout my life. And in most of the books I have seen how a male character is written by woman authors is so much compassionate, considerate and not a traditional patriarch and strong woman character and decision-makers not just meek participant of the events.

    While characters written by men when it comes to men are stronger, sole decision-makers and centre of everything and woman characters following the decision of their male counterpart and their lives to revolving around men only.
    I will not say that all authors do so and do it intentionally.
    There are very few authors who can do justice to a character of the opposite gender without any biases, do you agree with my observation or do you have some different views on my observation?
    We are the product of our upbringing and often some biases come in our writing the way we are raised the way we are made to see the gender role. It is not something that we do intentionally which gets reflected in our writings.
    This issue is raised especially because most of the earlier writings are written by a man for man.
    Even the History and ancient text which portrays woman characters are not something written by woman so the voices of woman are written through male perspective and thus often are very different from how woman actually felt, and most of the writings are about how an ideal woman should be, while the focus of texts written by a woman is not as much as of how an ideal man should be but how woman broke all those stereotypes written by man.
    And here few people believe Ramayana and Mahabharata have a mention of women or her exalted position is shown but I am not talking about just mentioning or narration.
    But are their real voices.
    How rare it is to find the real voice of a character? and to do justice with it.
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    Again I feel it is not 100% true. Probably the experience of the author is that.
    There are many novels and movies in Telugu where the writers are males and the characters are elevated or the main characters of those movies and novels are only Female only.
    There is a famous writer in Telugu by the name of Krishna and he directed a few films also. In his films, he has shown female characters who revolted against the male characters and win over the hardship created for her by the male counterparts.
    We can't generalise but some people may follow that trend but not all.

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    The character changes according to the story line. A good author would read the previous story line thoroughly and introduce a new gender character to match with the story if required. There is no harm if the story goes well with the introduction of a new gender. It is also for fun and entertainment. Any story is a read and forget item, never to be taken seriously. While writing history,not story, the gender and character cannot be altered or changed or introduced according to the author's gender.
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    Dr N.V Srinivasrao Sir again you have missed my point I am not at all talking about glorification or elevation. Instead, actually, I am trying to convey the opposite of that the characters shouldn't be elevated. And this has been the problem with how our society views woman either as a godess at a highest pedestal of supreme sacrifice and superhuman capabilities or completely vulnerable continuously in need of a male counterpart to support her all the time. And not actually the way woman are?
    And as I said in my thread also their are very few authors who can do justice with the reality and write without such biases, I haven't generalise.
    The agency of woman the voices of woman have come into literature after they themselves started writing novels and that too they had to kept hidden for decades because of fear of social boycott.

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    Nothing would go well without the combination of God created two genders. No male without a female, and no female without a male. It is Shiva-Shakthi. In all the fields of life, the existence of two genders cannot be avoided. A story is not an exemption to it. The genders are inter-related with a strong bond between them.

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    A good writer will write his writing without any gender bias. An example of such a fine writing is 'Pride and prejudice' by Jane Austen. In that novel writer has exactly shown what the characters are, males or females and their realistic feelings and emotions. There are many books like that written by the eminent writers where we don't see any glorification or anything artificially presented in respect of any gender.
    The writers who are writing stories for the purpose of TV or cinema industry are intentionally showing the glorification of a particular gender depending on the demand of the storyline and liking of the viewers. There are few takers for the realistic cinema and that is why film makers will go for gender biased stories.

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    It is not that a male writer will write a story that is revolving around a male character and a female writer will write a story that revolves around a lady character. The storyline that is taken will decide what will be the lead role and how that lead role moves on the story. That is my impression and understanding.
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