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    When and how did you identify yourself as a writer?

    All of us writers are able to put our thoughts and ideas in the form of words on this platform and are able to convey our mind or message to other people because maybe God has given some art of writing to us. Even today, many people who do not recognize their talent, many times get lost in this confusion so we are quite lucky in this matter. Today even though we may not be on the list of famous writers of the world, but when we have been accepted as an author by ISC and when we find ourselves on the list of the top performer here too, then we feel proud that ISC values our art. Just as we are able to recognize each other by each other's writing skills. So when did you first identify yourself as a writer? Maybe by reading a book or writing an easy or any special moment that told you about the writer hidden within you. Please share your experiences.
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    My first endeavour to write an article was way back in the year 1969 when I was in my B.Sc. First year. I was a member of district library in my town and was getting a number of storybooks from there to read and that had actually inspired me to write. At that time my English was very mediocre and there was no question of writing in that language so I wrote that in Hindi in the best possible handwriting and sent it to a leading Hindi magazine which was thought to be a prestigious one at that point of time. I also enclosed a self addressed envelope in case it was rejected and they wanted to send it back to me. After 3 months I received it back with the comments of the editor that it required a lot of improvement and then only it could be considered for publishing. When I went through it then I found that in every paragraph there were corrections and side notes by the editor and all the 6 pages of the article were full of those notes. So, that put a big full stop on my writing spree for some time as correcting so many things in that article was just like writing a new article. It stopped me for writing but I was not discouraged and my next attempt was to write a story in the year 1986 (after a gap of 17 years) for a local magazine and it was published without any corrections. Thereafter I was busy in my job and making a career and a big hiatus came in my writing inclinations.
    Only in the year 2013, after my retirement from the active service, I started writing and taking part in various activities in many internet sites and in 2016 came in touch with ISC. I am currently more and less active in 5-6 sites though my major time is spent now in ISC only. Whatever I am earning from this online activity is from ISC, a little bit from its sister site 'techulator', and some little amount from one global site GLG.

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    I am a devotee of Lord Sri Ayyappa. I have visited the shrine thrice in my life. Before the visit, for a period of 41 days, I used to visit the Local Ayyappa temple to worship. During the evening pooja, all would sing the devotional songs of Lord Sri Ayyappa. At that time, I thought of composing my own Tamil songs on Lord Sri Ayyappa taking some of the cine tunes. I could compose them well, and sang them with the group. That was the time that I felt that something is in me. I sing those songs during my leisure time. After joining ISC, after posting a few articles that won CC and points, I could realize that there is English writing ability in me. My sincere thanks to Lord Sri Ayyappa and Web Master Tony John.

    While I had the opportunity to write a lot at ISC, I lost the chances of speaking in English over a decade as I am staying in a remote village. However, recently, my English writing ability helped me to deliver a 15 minutes speech in English(without a Tamil mix) when I was invited to deliver a lecture in an open forum.

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    I have been writing a daily diary since class 7th when my teacher told me about the concept of writing journals but then I used to do it on an on and off basis but slowly my daily diary pages began to include stories from my school and when my cousin once read my diary and he teased me about it I started to write things in form of the poem so that nobody could laugh at me. Then slowly I told a few of my friends about my poems and they liked them very much so I started doing Hindi poetry and I joined ISC in my class 12th in the year 2012 and have been writing since on this platform whenever I get time. But I don't consider myself a writer because I lack a lot of things that a good writer have, and I am learning things on the daily basis.
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    For that matter I have never boasted of being a content writer or author for this site. But those who have watched my contributions and performance has recognized the fact that I can create good content on the given word within seconds. And that wisdom was drawn, thanks to ISC for giving the chance to accept and write as author. And when our writing becomes instant success through responses pouring in, that shows we are on the right path. For a good writer, the language should be simple, understandable to the reader and must induce immediate response. By the way writing a post and creating a content for book is not the same and never confuse yourself in these two matters. Because creating a book has the other format to which I am not fit nor create anything and that is the reason I am away from the e-book contest.
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    My father is a poet in Telugu. He has written many books both poems and prose in Telugu. I got inspired by him and I also started writing some articles in Telugu during my Intermediate. I started writing some articles and used to give them to the college yearly magazine. I continues that till I completed my PG. After that my concentration went into my research work and I couldn't contribute much to the literature but continued publishing scientific articles from my research work and continued the same in my career also. But after a long gap from 2016, I started writing poems in Telugu and published a book with 100 poems. I continue writing as and when I got some chance and time. This is my journey as a writer in Telugu.
    I started contributing on this platform in 2017 and contributed some articles and in other sections like Forum and AskExpert sections. But I never consider myself a writer in English. I put my thoughts in simple English so that everybody will understand my text easily.

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