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    Your suggestions regarding laptop.

    Though I am a little bit confused, about posting this question in the forum or should I post it in the ask expert section, editors may help me.

    I have a confusion regarding buying a new laptop. I am looking for a laptop under 50,000 which is easy to carry from one place to another, light-weighted. My work priority is my writing work, so I am not worried about the installation of many applications. My basic laptops requirement is easily known by the authors who are working as freelance content writers. I have a humble request to authors please give your suggestions for the best laptop as per your experiences and knowledge.
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    We will leave this query for discussion in the forum since I feel members will likely have queries to ask of you to know more specifics, and back and forth chats would be out of place in the Ask Expert section.

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    Dear Swati,

    I bought a Lenovo laptop for my son a few days back. It is a 11th generation Core i3 laptop. I bough it from Amazon for Rs.43,000/- It is working fine. The laptop is good very thin and beautiful. I am giving the details of this Laptop:

    ModelLenovo Ideapad Slim 3 2021
    11th generation
    Core i3
    Screen Size: 15.6" (39.62 cm)
    FHD Thin and light
    Operating System Windows 10 (pre loaded lifetime warranty)
    Anti glare
    Battery life upto 6 hrs
    Memory and Storage: 8GB RAM upgradable to 12 GB, 512 GB SSD

    Main features: Windows 11 free upgrade when available
    Good display
    Good Camera
    Useful for regular work.

    My son's laptop is working fine. He usually attend online classes and make power point presentations and some school assignments.

    If you do not prefer Lenovo then you can also choose hp or Dell with the same specifications.

    I hope you will find this helpful.

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    There are many laptops available in the market in this price range of under Rs 50000. The main companies are Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer etc and all are almost at par in their performances. In addition to one suggested by Dr Deepali some other models which are equally good are -
    1. HP 15 Core i3 7th Gen 15-da0388TU price approx. Rs.37000.
    2. HP 15 Core i5 8th Gen 15-di1001tu price approx. Rs.48000.
    3. Acer Aspire 5 Laptop (NXHZ6SI001) price approx. Rs 38000.
    4. Dell Inspiron 5570 Core i7 price approx. Rs 50000.
    5. Acer Predator Helios 300 PH315-51 Core i5 price approx. Rs 50000.

    While selecting the one out of the above you can further check their weights and speeds and RAM and ROM available in them. There are special sale drives also in some of these models and if you use a particular bank card for payment there is good discount also available.

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    You are saying, the laptop is meant for writing purpose only but not for any higher educational purpose. So you don't need higher configuration that cost Rs.50000 and above. For writing purpose I think Hp chromebook is sufficient and it present it is costing Rs.21,990. Additional discount is also there with bank cards. Hp laptops usually last long and have observed with my children using them. You have to buy laptop according to the need and its future use. If you want to go for a higher configuration, lenovo ideapad 3 laptop is a good option as mentioned by Dr. Deepali is good as it has ssd storage. SSD storage laptops run faster than HDD storage laptops. Dell vastro i3 (11th generation) with ssd storage, 8GB RAM is a very good option for higher end laptop. At present it is costing Rs.38,990 in flipkart. With bank cards you may get it for Rs.36,000.

    You have to basically think about the processer (Intel processor better), SSD or HDD storage (SSD best), RAM (8GB is good )

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    What I feel that when it comes to choosing of gadgets, it must be personal selection and not recommended by anyone because, you know the work on hand and how to go fast with the acquired laptop. For that matter those who are regular writers and have the niche to create quick contents prefer Lenova series which are developed for content writing. And there are other brands available like Pixelbook, Macbook, Asus etc. But what I feel that you must take suggestions from those who are already a formidable content writer and which brand they are using and that would give you the best idea to go for which brand. At ISC we may give many suggestions and brand names, but ultimately you are going to decide which brand and its cost effectiveness. One thing is sure we may not get all facilities in gadgets and some compromise would make suffice to achieve the goal.
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    Vandana Ma'am, thank you for the clarification.
    Thank you all authors for your valuable responses, I am going to buy a laptop this Dipawali, and your suggestions would be helpful for me.

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    There are many highend Laptops which are costly. But we don't need all those features. For our freelance work, sending emails and receiving emails and to have some meetings, we can go for any normal laptop. which may cost you around Rs.30000/-.
    Recently my daughter in law purchased a laptop for her routine work which is almost similar to what we all do. That is Dell make, latitude 7440 Pentium dual-core 4th Generation laptop. 16GB RAM. You can think of this model. You can use this for multitask applications and also can switch over from one application to another application. 500 GB Storage will be there. The cost will be less than Rs,30,000/-. Windows 8 is the operating system. My daughter in law been using the same for the last 6 months and no issues she is having.
    If you invest more you may get more sophisticated models. You can go for touch screen models also. But it all depends on the money you want to spend.

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    You can easily get a reasonable good laptop under Rs50,000'-.
    I would suggest you go for a popular brand like Acer, Lenovo, HP etc.
    From the experience of my son using his laptop, I would suggest to go for Acer Aspire series, and a sub model with configuration which match your requirements.
    You may also not mind a couple of rupees more to have a better future ready configuration, so as to have Windows 11 in the Laptop when available.
    prime requirement of Laptop is for freelance content writing and posting, you need not go for some latest facilities of gaming etc. which the young generation looks for and which can escalate cost.
    You need not go for a high capacity inbuilt storage , but have a reasonable good RAM and updated category disk. You may also go for I5 processor.
    You may not come to a hurried decision, but first keep your actual requirements ready and allow for some future accommodation. Tell the vendor technician to limit his shortlisting to that and then you select from the shortlisted one, the most suitable one based on weight, look, durability, ease of handling etc. Also choose one for which the service facility is easily available near you.
    You may visit different vendors and compare different brands too. You may also do some bargaining(if possible)to come to a fair value.

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    I suggest you go for an i3 laptop from Dell or Lenovo. Regarding the size, you may go for a 14-inch laptop if you are comfortable with it. It is light and easy to carry. The OS should be original with the provision to upgrade to windows 11. The configuration suggested by Dr. Gangwar is ideal. Do not think too much. For your work , it will suffice.
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