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    Another proof for there is no age to succeed and serve

    There is a Guinness record says Yasuko, a Japan based lady of 90 years of age considered as world's oldest office manager.

    Recent results of LB elections of Tamil Nadu, proved that age is not a factor to succeed. In many places it is argued that women are degraded etc., but the results of recent election proved a lady of village that too aged 90 years of age succeeded and got elected as President of Panchayat.

    90 year old woman, Perumathal has proved that age is just a number as she has been elected as President of Sivanthipatti Panchayat under Palayamkottai Panchayat Union of Tirunelveli District in Tamilnadu.
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    There are some people who can work even at that age but such people are rare. Most of the people start ignoring the work or are not having good health for working from the age of around 70 years. For working both the things are required - a healthy body and a healthy mind and then only one can be productive. The author has given a good example of a 90 years old lady being elected as President of Gram Panchayat. It is a commendable thing at that age. We must take inspirations from such people. They are definitely a benchmark for all of us.
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    It is true. Age has no bar to succeed and serve. While we have a 90 years old lady as Panchayat President from Sivanthipatti village of Trirunelveli district, we have the youngest President of 25 years from my village Udayathur, Radhapuram Taluk of Tirunelveli district. My villagers acted wise to choose a youngest president.
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    Correct. If we have a will and determination we can do anything. One should have the desire only. Many people say age is for the body only but not for the soul.
    My father is 87 years old. He wanted to write Sundarakanda, a chapter in Ramayana in a poetic form in Telugu. That chapter in Sanskrit written by Valmiki is having about 2500 Slokas. My father complete the total chapter with the same number of poems that is 2500 poems in a span of about 2 months and now we are making preparations to get it printed. Why I said is at that age of near to 90 it is very difficult to write so many poems without any mistakes and without going away from the grammar and the original track.
    Like this, we will get many examples to show that age is not a hindrance for the people who wanted to do something or other even in their old age also.

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    First of all very many congarts to 90 year old woman Perumathal having elected as the President of Shivanthipatti Panchayat and that proves if one wants to serve the society the age does not matter. By the way kudos to the voters who has chosen her, probably known and famed in the area and for the close proximity. Now the Guinness has the compulsion to include this woman in the hall of fame for being the aged panchayat President. This is the greatness of Indian elections and the democracy. When the political leaders vie each other to outsmart and even spend huge money and liquor to get the votes, here the grand old woman got to serve without spending and that proves how the voters bestowed confidence in her. Normally it is said that aged person are not fit for politics, but here a good person is chosen over the bad gang that fought the elections.
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    Yes as the adage goes " Age is just a number" and I do agree with this. There is no age to learn something, to try something new, to achieve new fiats in life or fulfil one's unfulfilled wishes. Every year when the board results are announced there are many elderly people who pass their high school because they left their education at some of point and watching them makes us feel so good and inspire the younger generation.
    So is the lady mentioned in the thread who is such a source of Inspiration. And if you have seen marathons for elderly people the kind of energy these people so is just tremendous and I think more such competitions should be organised.

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    The author is absolutely right, there is no age to succeed and serve. Age never hinders progress if a person keeps his mind strong. It is true that we see many such examples around us where keeping age aside, people have learned or achieved something new and have become an example in front of society. Age will never become a hindrance to achieving every human being taken by such people, if our courage is strong and we move towards the goal with determination, then we can achieve everything, whatever we want.

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    The author has given an example of an old lady aged 90 years old having got success as a president of the panchayat and this is definitely a rare example of the tremendous achievement of holding such a prestigious assignment at this ripe age. Age never becomes a hindrance in the achievement provided we are well and hearty and can think of how best the responsibilities of that status can be discharged effectively. This can be possible only when the body and mind are functioning at a peak point towards the objectives of different roles entrusted with that status.

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