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    What is the message these politicians are giving to the people?

    Politics was treated as a way to serve the Nation and its people. Many people who were in politics in earlier days struggled and sacrificed their lives also. We know about great political leaders like Nehru, Sardar Patel, PVN Rao, Vajpayee and so many likes. Even though they have differences in their thoughts and ideologies, they never had any personal enmity. They used to respect each other.

    But these days the situation is entirely different. Political leaders of one party are not hesitating to attack the houses and party offices of the other party. The incidents that are happening in Andhra Pradesh are very shameful. The leaders are not hesitating to go for manhandling also. Law and order situation will become very bad if the same is trend is continued.

    If the leaders are behaving like this, what is the message they are giving to the people? Are they asking the people to go and attack their enemies without any hesitation?
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    The author has raised a very thought provoking issue. In our country in many states such unfortunate things are taking place and because the police and administration is also under these political leaders no one is checking or stopping these practices. This is in very bad taste and giving a wrong message to the people of this country and there cannot be any bad lesson worse than this one.
    The people who were supposed to serve the society and nation, if they are doing atrocities and taking revenge with their so called political enemies then this is really very grave and alarming situation.
    The central government has its own limitations and cannot interfere in the state matters in so many states. We cannot blame them for this disorder.
    This is high time that public should get aware of this bad situation in so many parts of our country and take a correct decision at the time of giving vote not only for deciding a particular party but for deciding a particular candidate also.

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    The author has rightly said, there have always been differences of opinion in politics and it is natural because when people of different ideologies are together, the difference of opinion will also come naturally, but instead of looking down on each other, we should respect the ideology of others. It should also be done, as it was part of earlier politics. But at present politics is emerging as an individual now politicians are not seeing the hit of society but their own hit and hence are going to any extent to show themselves right and another party down which is really shameful.

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    Considering the politicians active during the period 1950 -1965 had clear cut mission to uplift the standard of the common people. To name a few, Jawahar Lal Nehru, Sardar Patel, Lal Bahadur Sastri were such politicians having undisputed integrity in their careers and with their sustained efforts, we made tremendous progress almost in all the directions. There were massive investments in the industries which paved the ways for absorption of people in the different industries. The period as stated above was the golden era where we witnessed a lot of achievements in all important activities. Major thrust was given on education to make the students competitive enough to excel in their chosen fields. We had almost a corruption free society where we could see the efforts of our leaders with their dedicated efforts.
    Now such a trend is not visible due to lack of interest of the present leaders. We need to select the genuine leaders in the upcoming elections so as to retain our old glory.

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    For the past many days the face off between the YSR party leaders and the TDP party leaders gone to the extent of abusing in the filthiest language that was not printable here. Both the parties have gone to the extent of protesting each other as Deeksha and for the common man it is nothing but more flare of violence and more inconvenience to them. There has been huge complaint in the name of AP police that they are behaving like agents for the present government and permissions to hold rally and protests have not been accepted. While TDP is alleging that drugs smuggling in to the state is going on the YSR party denied the same citing DRI reports. And for the media it is the feast for them as lots of bats and brickbats are being covered and that is making them very busy. But politics turned very nasty.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The concern raised by the author is a matter of concern for all of us. He highlights what is happening in political circles where political figures showing their enmity against each other causes him worries, but one thing that is known to all in broad daylight is that no morality should be expected from political figures. These political leaders can't occupy their respective seats in parliament or assemblies and they can't hold any constitutional office unless we elect them. I think we are solely responsible for their presence in politics. Why most of us don't use their mind before casting their votes?
    Perhaps religion, caste or political ideology etc are more important for us.

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    The modern political situation and the behavior of the representatives of different political parties have surpassed the atrocities of the primitive age. This is not to say that politics has become a business venture. It seems that they are busy establishing their own service instead of serving the country.
    Those who fought for independence during the independent period of the country were engaged in service by developing a true sense of patriotism. This proves that politicians should involve themselves in the service of the country and the people and with it awaken patriotism in the minds of the people. Not every politician is that bad, now there are a number of personalities who are following that policy so now the country and its people are alive. I think their main job is to inculcate patriotism in the people because there is a lack of patriotism in our country.

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    The message is loud and clear yet, we elect them thinking it's our duty. Earlier, I used to believe that political violence and mud-slinging are limited to West Bengal only but now I think politicians everywhere are becoming mature and following one another to show their strength. A lot do not like the politicians and know that leaders do not keep their promises after the elections. If that is so then I am yet to understand why the percentage of voting is so high during the elections. I think a majority of us are of the same nature as the present-day politicians and that's why such leaders are elected. Only if we boycott elections collectively and shoo away the politicians when they come to seek votes can alter the situation. Otherwise, just saying things and expressing disgust will not solve the issue.

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    The run up to Huzurabad by election is going on hectic as both BJP and TRS are vying to capture the seat. For BJP Etela Rajender who was imported from TRS party is in fray and it is prestige issue for him to win citing the failure of TRS in all front. Whereas TRS has the compulsion to win because they completed 20 years of existence and they have to retain the seat. But a interesting campaign has been going on through an Independent who dressed as donkey has been requesting the voters not to waste the vote for those who promise much and give money and liquor which is not going to serve any purpose. They need to vote for such person who can perform. But after every election same thing is happening and leaders would change and goes for first fights even on small matters and the situation gets over charged for nothing.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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