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    What one has to do to increase revenue share bonus?

    I have been a member of ISC for many years but have never been so much of an active participant and did not take it much seriously initially, but now I am trying to understand things. If anyone can please share how should I increase my revenue share bonus in simple layman language without much jargon?

    Also, throw some light on the Adsense program and what are the things that need to be done by me or changes to be made on my profile?
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    The task is simple. The more you participate and write in various sections of this site, the more the chance to earn lions share of revenue share bonus. Please know that top 20 members who have performed well surpassing others and proved to be toppers are getting the RSB according to their prorate writing abilities. From today onward, create some articles, respond to resources, create forum post, reply to forum threads, post jobs and post information in that section. All this go a long way to adjudge you as the best contributor above ll and the RSB amount would be formidable. As far as adsense concerned, you have to be active in the resources section and need to create more and more articles because your absenteeism and not contributing in that section made no earning in adsense. So follow these and get benefited.

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    RSB is basically given to those members whose activity level is quite significant during that month. The increased activity can be attained in two ways. First is doing a lot of contribution in a particular section like article section or forum section or information update section where you can have a good accumulation of points in your account and finally these points are going to be instrumental for making one eligible for receiving RSB. The second way could be to do contributions in many sections and take advantage of that composite accumulation over the month. Now it is also true that everyone cannot contribute in every section because of the obvious reasons of liking and interest so one has to choose the areas where one want to concentrate and increase one's contributions and accumulate points over the time. That is the only thing which is required for getting RSB.
    Most of the contests are giving cc as award and they will not be very helpful for RSB but as they are giving good cc to the winning members we cannot ignore the contests also.
    Coming to your query about Adsense, you have to be eligible for it after contributing at least 10 articles in ISC and once the checklist as provided in ISC site is complete in respect of your profile, you can apply for Adsense.
    There are many help articles related to Adsense in this site and you can take advantage of them.

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    It is the points you earn and the position you stand in the queue of top twenty list.
    More the points you earn, more would be the RSB.
    Post elaborated threads, respond to threads raised by other members, invite discussion on the topic, post counter responses.
    Don't cut short your responses. Let it be elaborate.
    Write good articles that would fetch you double the points for earning RSB.
    Try your best. Wish you all the best.

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    @ Neelam,
    You are a senior member of the ISC who joined a long time ago, and your quality of content is also commendable so you can easily earn more RSB. Every month ISC gives a revenue share bonus to its top 20 members based on the points earned by the members in that month. As far as points are concerned, for this, you should have a maximum contribution which can be in different sections or even in some specific ones. It depends on your writing ability and your time availability. As far as the cash amount of RSB is concerned, I do not an exact calculation but if I tell you my points so I think, ISC give us half of the cash of our total points like if you earned 1000 points in a month you will get 500 rupees cash for the same month. So the final suggestion is you have to contribute as more as you can and we can see you are already doing so, and you will get RSB as per your contribution.

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    The only mantra to earn RSB in a particular month would depend upon your participation in the different columns. Writing ability alone would not fetch you RSB but you need to achieve the thresholds since only 20 members are eligible for RSB where scorings are calculated every month and the top twenty members are entitled to enjoy the same.
    To avail of RSB for a particular month, consistency from your end is required securing at least twenty points each day irrespective of the sections you are contributing.
    Ad Scene Income can be earned with your regular contributions in the Article Sections and at least, you should have ten approved articles from ISC channels. Afterwards, you need to apply Google Ad Scene informing the same to the panel of editors of ISC.

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    You have to spend more time and contribute more and more. Then you will get more points which will help you in getting RSB. If you contribute more in articles, AskExperts and Information updates, you will get points as well as cash credits. If you contribute to the forum section you will get points and sometimes some CC. So based on the time availability and interest you can contribute in the sections where you have an interest. The job section also will give you points as well as CC. You can go through the following article which throws some light on earning methods from ISC and Google Adsense.
    How to earn from ISC and Google Adsense

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    Thank you to all the members who have responded to this thread and explained all the things in a very simple and effective manner, it has really helped me to get an understanding of the concepts about which I was confused a little.
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    While a good number of points will certainly help to get into the top 20 for RSB, I would advise you to focus on the quality of the content. Do not, as is suggested, give a lengthy response to a forum thread for the heck of it. Let it be relevant to the topic under discussion. Secondly, it is incorrect that if you get 1000 points, then you will get Rs.500. Our share in RSB depends on the earnings generated by the site as a whole. Submitting articles, as stated, is conducive to getting better RSB because the points of articles are doubled when considering RSB.

    In terms of AdSense, too, the more quality content you put up at this site, the better your earnings. I checked your AdSense profile account (you can check it, too, on your Dashboard page), and you are very much eligible to apply for AdSense if you have not already done so. However, as correctly advised in this thread, you do need to submit a good number of articles. I also suggest you try to answer queries in our Ask Expert section and submit schools and colleges with detailed descriptive content (use the search box before submitting to avoid duplicates). If you can consistently submit quality content for the next three months at least, you will have a fair chance at getting AdSense approval when you apply by year-end.

    A footnote- kindly avoid selecting multiple responses in all your threads as 'Best Answer'. Wait for a few days, check all the answers that have come in, and select only one as the best answer, maybe two if really exceptional. What's more, every thread of yours does not necessarily have the best answers, perhaps not even a single one that is so deserving as to be marked so. Use the feature with prudence.

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    Thank you Vandana mam for responding to this thread and clearing a lot of my doubts. And also about choosing the best answer among the answer that it should be one answer only.
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    It all depends on the points you make in the month. I was always a RSB receiver for a few months until I stopped being active due to some reasons. For Adsense earning you need to write good articles here.

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