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    The power of mind voice and how it guides people to make bold steps in life

    We all are aware of the voice of the mind which helps us to take tough decisions in life. Some may call it an intution and some others would define it as a gut feeling. Ultimately,it is being experienced by almost everybody ..

    Let me discuss with you about my mind voice and how it guides me to make the right choice when the situation turns ' to be or not to be or to do or not to do '
    When I sit silently, a message flashes in mind and I know the decision I am going to make will set things right. My mind voice is my friend, philosopher and guide. The other day,,I traveled by Uber taxito attend an event . While getting down, I dropped my pouch in the cab which contained my debit card, adhar card, Pan card and some cash. It was already past midnight when I realized that I had lost my poiuch. Aided by my mind voice, I messaged Uber help line which was there in the app bitself,and they had promised to contact the driver and make him return the pouch. Wow
    ,"You get back the pouch"my mind voice said. I got ready to attend the spritual event without even thinking twice about the pouch and comcentrated on the ritual.

    The surprising aspect is that at 7.30 Am the Uber driver called me and said" Madam, I have found your pouch in my cab and come and hand it over to you in the afternoon" There a broad smile on my face when finally the driver handed over the pouch to me at my residence. I call my mind voice The God's voice because only the Creator of the Universe can always be perfect.
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    The author has mentioned about the mind voice and the things happening according to the same is something comes out of whole some experience in life. As we grow further in life we draw much of the wisdom from failures and challenges and the way we took corrective steps in getting the lost items prove that we have already know that nothing can go wrong. But here a word of appreciation to the taxi driver for his integrity and honesty. If other passenger boarded the taxi and if they taken the pouch, then the driver must have caught on the wrong foot as the Uber would make him to return and he does not have it. One thing it is very clear from this matter that hard earned things and money wont go missing and we are bound to get the same for sure. And congrats to author for getting the right mind voice at the right time.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is said that human mind is a very powerful machine. It has immense capacity not only for storage of information but also for analysing it and taking a proper decision at any point of time. Because of such a high level of consciousness of human mind the humans are sitting on the top of the animal world managing their lives on the planet Earth.
    Our mind is a storehouse of thoughts, ideas, experiences, and many other things that we accumulate during the course of journey of our lives. So whenever we are in a situation of distress or confusion we take help of our mind only to resolve it. Most of the times it helps us. In cases where it doesn't do so, then the new experiences are added to its memory which are used in subsequent problem-solving situations.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Human being are excellent in analysing the situations and they are capable of taking initiatives depending upon the situation with they are facing currently. This can be seen in many situations where we all do take the appropriate steps in the hours of crisis. Once we see a car in the position almost on the verge of dashing we tilt the position of our car in such a way that we could avert that dangerous situation. Such an instantaneous action of mind can be seen always in case we face any crisis.
    We have learnt a lot of things in the past and in case of emergency, we take advantage of the old events so as to take a right decision in the present scenario. We are capable enough of taking decisions which would be fit in that circumstances.

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    You are calling it a mind voice. Some people call it 6th sense I think. Sometimes we will get a hint about the outcome of the work in our mind when we sit clam and think. This I also experienced many times. Sometimes when the situation is complex and not able to come to a decision, I stop thinking about that and divert my thought process to some other issue. But my inner mind might be doing some work on the same issue and all of a sudden some idea will flash in our mind and that idea is found to be the best many times.
    That is the beauty of the human mind. as a matter of fact, our inner mind only will tune us to face the situation with a lot of courage and confidence. Sometimes we will be fighting for something but our inner mind may be telling us not to continue in that line.

    always confident

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